Dad Tells Pooch All Treats Went To The Cat — Netizens Delighted By Dog’s Reaction

Apr 07, 2021 by apost team

All pet owners have more than once wished that they could understand each other. Better yet, having the ability to speak to each other would be the ultimate dream come true! While that dream may one day be fulfilled if technology can bridge the gap, until then, we have to rely on body language and intuition to communicate with our pets. 

Some people like to take this even further and imagine the conversations that could take place if we could talk to our pets, and there are even a few videos that show small instances when it seems as though we are having full-blown conversations with them. One person, Andrew Grantham from Halifax, Nova Scotia in Canada decided to take this one step further and actually create a seamless back and forth with a dog! 

A video featuring an adorable Dutch Shepherd mix is titled “Ultimate Dog Tease.” The video has amassed an incredible number of views since it was first posted in 2011. It features a beautiful dog having a voice-over conversation with his owner about different types of human food, and the best part about it is how perfectly the dog "mouths" the conversation along!

As the owner describes the food in great detail, you can see the emotion on the dog's face. As the dog speaks back with the owner, he longs for the delicious human food that the human describes to him! But the major plot twist happens at the end of the video when the human reveals who he actually gave the food to!

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Although cat videos predominantly take over the internet and go viral quite often, there are plenty of videos featuring every species of animal that you can watch when you need a smile or a laugh. Videos featuring adorable dogs have a cult fanbase on the internet. People love posting and sharing videos of their dogs doing all different kinds of things, from playing fetch to police work, to adorable quirks like jumping on a mattress! Naturally, such videos tug at your heartstrings and sometimes even have the power to take the internet by storm, as was the case with "Ultimate Dog Tease." 

It was first uploaded to Youtube back in 2011 and has amassed a whopping 204 million views and counting a decade later in 2021! The video is a short one but is perfectly created; a sweet Dutch Shephard mix, who is named Clark as per Woof Report, is teased by his owner about all the food in the fridge. Clark, like most dogs, loves food, and hangs onto each mention of mouthwatering treats; from maple bacon to delicious beef, each of these dishes piques Clark's interest, which is built up for a few seconds before ultimately leading to despair as the owner reveals the mouthwatering food is already eaten. 

The most amazing part about this voiceover is how seamlessly every one of Clark's mouth movements and body language is accounted for, and the perfect timing of Clark's reactions. It's no wonder that this video continues to be one of the most celebrated animal clips on the internet even today.

In the end, the "ultimate tease" ends with a dog's worst nightmare: the cat is given the scrumptious chicken sandwich! With each voiced-over sad drawl out of Clark, viewers can't help but feel for the poor dog while also laughing at his adorable reactions. It is no wonder that this video was the second most-viewed clip around the globe in 2011 as per CBC News

The creator of this video, Andrew Grantham creates videos with funny voiceovers to raise funds for the SPCA in Halifax, Nova Scotia, reports CBC News. He has also created other videos to help campaigns such as Pets Add Life, which aims to increase pet adoption and responsible ownership. Grantham has six cats and a dog of his own, but uses videos sent in by other people for his Youtube creations. His channel currently has more than a million followers. He told Edge Studio in 2015 that while he receives thousands of videos from dog owners to create similar talking animal clips like the one below, he generally has to sift through them to find one that really "speaks" to him. 

"When you sit down and really pay attention, especially with the sound off, to the expressions of an animal in a video, it’s almost like a story emerges without even trying. If not, it’s the wrong video," he said. Once he picks a video, he randomly ad-libs the script while staying in character for each animal. This includes using voices as well as copying what the animal does in the video! The process may take long, but Grantham puts his heart into it each time. The results are, after all, flawless. 

Who knew that animals having conversations with humans would be so entertaining to watch? What do you think about this video? Tell us what you think about Grantham's work, and be sure to pass this on to your friends. It might just make their day! 

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