Owner Tells Dog He Brought A Kitten Home And Netizens Can’t Stop Laughing At Dog’s Retort

Jan 07, 2021 by apost team

Most dog owners would love the chance to have a chat with their canine companions. They are some of the best friends a human can have and share a good deal of our lives. Despite their lack of communication ability, dogs are often the ones hearing their owners' deepest thoughts and emotions. In a funny clip from 2014, Andrew Grantham from Halifax, Nova Scotia, dubbed a conversation between a dog and his owner, and the end result was a fun little gem. Grantham creates these videos to not just raise awareness about pet adoption and pet ownership, but also to raise funds for the SPCA. 

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For just a moment, imagine a world where you could talk to your dog. And the dog would talk back, making a complete conversation. It would be a place where you and your best friend could become even closer. It is almost a rite of passage to wonder what your dog is thinking and would say during a conversation for all dog owners. Questions arise, such as: does my dog know how much I love him? Does my dog understand me when I say things to him? I wonder what my dog is thinking right now.

We instinctually reach out to our pets to assure them that they are loved and cared for, and while we always have body language to go off of to make assumptions about our pets' thoughts, the real deal of having a conversation together would be a game-changer. Of course, dogs don't talk. But, they do communicate with us nonetheless. They use facial expressions, body movements, and any number of sounds to get their point across.

Certainly for the dog and his owner in the video below, a conversation about bringing home a new pet would have been hilarious to hear—which is something Andrew Grantham knew! So he went one step further and decided to record what a conversation would sound like and dub it into the video. Grantham creates videos with funny voiceovers to raise funds for the SPCA in Halifax, Nova Scotia, reports CBC News. However, HuffPost reports that he created the video below for the Pets Add Life campaign, which aims to increase pet adoption and responsible ownership.


The video starts off with a question: "Remember how you wanted a kitten?" by the owner, who also tells his dog that he went to the pet store today, which gets the pooch super excited. In the classic, overexcited dog manner, he first "says," no way! In the classic, overexcited dog manner, he begins to already run and tells his owner, "well come on! Let's go see her!" 

But he is told to hold his horses, and he's asked, "You wanted a girl? A tabby?" which has the dog even more delighted. He can't believe his owner got him a cat, just like he's always wanted! He doesn't know where the cat is though and wants to go looking for her. However, his owner still doesn't reveal anything and tells his enthusiastic dog, "You didn't let me finish." It looks like the owner is stalling before he makes a big reveal. The sweet dog, however, seems a little confused, as if he wants to ask, "Is there a kitten or not?" He wants to go to where the feline might be and wants to be put out of his misery. 

However, the owner wants to have some fun before giving anything away. "I didn't get one though," he says. It feels like the poor dog's hopes are a little shattered. His owner tells him that he took a look around at all the animals that were available at the pet store. 

First, there are the guinea pigs, then he says he took a look at mice, gerbils, parrots, newts, hamsters, and they finally come to kittens when the dog cannot help but jump in the air for joy. "Oh, that's it! That's where you stop because that's what you're gonna get me!" he says. But the owner is not done, and goes onto the next part of his list: hermit crabs he begins —but the dog has had enough! "Oh come on!" he pleads. 

He even threatens his owner by saying "I will chew this couch's arm off! Just tell me what's going on!" The owner wants to continue the charade, which frustrates the dog but then comes a soft "mew" from the other corner of the room. The dog stops dead in his tracks, wary about what to believe, "What was that?" he asks. The owner knew the charade was up, so the long story becomes short: there were shelter kittens at the pet store and he picked one out! The excitement is palpable and we can't help but get excited with the dog! 

This adorable video has more than 5 million views as of January 2021, which is quite well deserved we say! We were with the dog through his whole journey of wanting to know if he finally has the kitten he has always wanted! It looks like other viewers also felt the same way, leaving comments such as, "I want to see the kitten!"; "I feel shorted. Where is the cat? Where is the meeting? Where is the rest of this cuteness?" and "Show us the kitten!! :D" Clearly, there are more people who feel the same way as the dog, and are impatient to see the kitten! 

Contrary to what movies and other media show us, cats and dogs can actually be good friends and cultivate a good relationship. There certainly is no dearth of friendship videos between cats and dogs on the Internet that proves this point. Psychology Today says that amicable relationships between the two animals are frequently observed, and some factors can predict whether a friendly relationship can form between cats and dogs. If a family introduces a puppy to a kitten, the young age of both animals helps to cement the relationship more easily. Moreover, a cat being in the house before the dog also predicts a better dog-cat relationship in the future. 

Generally, cats tend to be more cautious about dogs and not the other way around, so the cat's comfort level generally dictates the relationship. However, if a cat is introduced to a dog at a young age, it becomes easier to form a comfortable friendship. In the case of the video below, the kitten has a great chance of being adopted by the big, friendly dog! The story certainly has a happy ending, and we are so glad for the dog and his owner for the new addition to their family. 

You've got to see the hilarious results on the video! It's definitely a great take on what a human-dog chat would be like with a cat involved. Take a listen and laugh a little. Then let us know how you talk to your pets! Do you know someone who would appreciate the laugh? Let them see the video by passing on the link.

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