Befriending Strangers On Facebook? Big Mistake This Mother Lost Her Child Because Of This Mistake Aand Has To Learn A Lesson The Hard Way. Watch Out

Oct 16, 2015 by apost team

Social networks make our life easy but there are hidden dangers lurking on them as well. One mother had to learn it the hard way. Everybody should know this story to understand the dangers lurking on Social media. We have to protect our children from them! Imagine that out of the blue you get a friendship request. When you take a closer look you realize that you don’t know the person, the request is from a total stranger. And without a second though you click to accept it. Now what possible harm to come from adding another person on Facebook?

Soon, you’ve even forgotten about the total stranger because you have other more important things on your mind.

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Your daughter’s big day is coming up. She is going to start school. Your heart swells with pride as you watch her prepare herself for school. You are so proud that you want to share your pride with your friends and family. You click a couple of cute pictures of your daughter and post them on Facebook. “Can’t believe how time flies! My little one is on her way to school for her first day!” You also tag the photo with her school. It only took a couple of clicks, but who would have imagined the horrible consequences of this post?

One doesn’t even want to begin to imagine the horrors of what happens to children who go missing.

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All of this could have been avoided, if it hadn’t been for a stupid mistake. Even if you are lucky and have your child beside you, this story will have left you with the horrible feeling that there is a chance that the photos of your children are possibly being circulated on some online catalogue for paedophiles. So, DON’T ACCEPT FRIEND REQUESTS FROM STRANGERS ON FACEBOOK! It is better to have one ‘friend’ less than go through hell like this mother and daughter.

We always need to be vigilant and sceptical especially when it comes to strangers on Internet.

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Don’t accept friendship requests from people you don’t know and remember not to post any photos of your children! Even in real life you don’t go around revealing things about your personal life to strangers. Stop doing it on the virtual world as well.

Please share this warning with your friends! It may help avoid catastrophes!

You can’t even begin to imagine what is going on behind your back!

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Remember the stranger that you recently added on Facebook? This stranger saw the cute picture of your daughter and downloaded it. He went a step ahead and posted it on an Online Catalogue. His add reads “Gorgeous European girl. Not even 5 years old! Only 7.000 Dollars!” The enticing ad reached hundreds and thousands of men across the world.

You obviously had no idea about this. Until, a few weeks later you go to pick your daughter from school. But she is nowhere to be found. Tears rolling down, panic-stricken you ask the people around: Have you seen my daughter?