Tammy Slaton Of ‘1000-Lb Sisters’ Called ‘Scary’ In Swimsuit Snap After Dropping 440 Pounds

Apr 26, 2024 by apost team

TV star Tammy Slaton continues to make progress in leaps and bounds on her weight loss journey. It is safe to say that she improved her quality of life as soon as she decided to be healthier. In one of her Instagram updates, Tammy visited her doctor, Dr. Eric Smith, letting him know about her latest improvement, which was nothing short of a pleasant surprise. 

Longtime fans of TLC’s “1000-Lb Sisters” will attest to the fact that reality stars Amy and Tammy Slaton came a long way regarding leading a healthy life. The duo first gained public attention after creating a YouTube channel to document their lives in 2010. The sisters’ hilarious interactions quickly caught netizens’ attention, making them known. Their transition and debut on TLC started in 2020 with a similar theme as “My 600-Lb Life.” 

Amy and Tammy Slaton gave fans an inside view of their daily lives as they struggled with health complications and a strenuous weight loss decision so they could be approved for bariatric surgery. The sisters sought to pursue better health. Amy, who was married to Chris Halterman, was highly motivated by her desire to have children. With time, fans noticed significant progress in her commitment to weight loss.

Tammy, on the other hand, struggled more with shedding pounds. At one point, the reality personality weighed 717 pounds, and her family feared for her life. She became depressed and heavily dependent on alcohol. The TLC star reached a critical point in 2021 when she was rushed to the hospital in an emergency. By June 2023, she proved to be making great strides.

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Tammy had difficulty breathing and had to have a tube inserted in her throat. She was placed on life support for three weeks before finally recovering. It was at this point that Tammy decided she was done with her unhealthy lifestyle. She checked herself into a treatment program and re-ignited her weight-loss journey. 

Things began to improve in January 2022 when one of Tammy’s pals gave positive updates. According to The Sun, he revealed that the TV personality lost 115 pounds. A pal told the publication that Tammy increased her physical activity and was "able to do more things on her own." 

The media star gave a glimpse of her progress in March 2022. Tammy made a post on Instagram, and her weight difference was quite visible. Three months later, she underwent bariatric surgery to shed weight further. While at the rehab center, Tammy made exceptional progress and found love as well. 

She met and married fellow rehab member Caleb Willingham in 2022. The Sun revealed the wholesome moment Caleb asked her to be his wife. Concerning her weight loss achievement, fans got to see her pleasant pictures months later on a Facebook page called Southern Indiana Combat Production. Tammy continued to keep to her healthy pact, and in December 2022, fans saw her flaunt her much-slimmer frame in a TikTok clip. 

Many admirers could not help but be pleased as they praised the reality star and shared encouraging words. Fans got to see more of her improvement when she visited Dr. Smith's office. Tammy showed up at his office on his birthday, and the reunion was such a sweet moment.


An excited Smith shared the charming exchange on his Instagram page. Tammy could be seen walking down the hallway with her trim frame. The TLC star had everyone in the hallway cheering as they praised her for the big win. While approaching her doctor, she chimed, "Something's missing!" 

To this, others responded by noting that it was oxygen tubes. One of the medical staff members even got emotional as she hugged Tammy. The redhead could not help but be moved by the reaction as she asked if the lady was crying. Without a doubt, the interaction was a heart-melting one, as Smith expressed his excitement in the post. The bariatric surgeon warmly wrote in his caption

"Look who came to visit me on my birthday! @queentammy86.”

In another post, the elated doctor shared a second photo of him posing with Tammy and her brother Chris. The star sported a floral dress and long-sleeve jacket. She also flaunted her fiery red hair color. Chris rocked a red shirt, khaki shorts, and a black baseball cap. The siblings looked vibrant, posing with their doctor. 

Smith once again expressed his appreciation, noting that he felt "blessed today from all the birthday love from my patients, staff, friends and family." He added, "You all mean the world to me and make every year more exciting!"

Tammy has put in an impressive effort to turn her life around, and in April 2024, she gave fans a glimpse at her results by sharing a poolside photo in a bathing suit.

By December 2023, Tammy had lost a whopping 440 pounds to weigh 285 pounds. She told People that the “big changes” in her weight “is probably small to most people,” but for her, “it was huge.”

“Just being able to walk without a walker or be pushed in a wheelchair, and no oxygen. I don't even sleep with it at night anymore,” she said.

Avid fans following Tammy on her weight loss journey through social media got a peek at the results of her hard work in April 2024, when she went off on a vacation with a friend, Haley Michelle. Without elaborating on where they were headed specifically, the two stopped at a grocery store to pick up some snacks and pose for a picture in the process.

“Getting some groceries before our girls trip,” Michelle wrote in the caption of the photo that showed a much slimmer Tammy smiling at the camera.

Michelle later posted a snap of the two of them lounging by a pool, with Tammy in a blue, fish-scale bathing suit.

“Proud of you 💙#tammyslatonweightloss,” she captioned the photo.

Not everyone had positive things to say about her new look, with some saying she “looks kinda scary.”    

“I like Tammy but she looks creepy in this pic,” one user commented while another wrote, “Tammy looks like ET.”

However, a majority of the comments were positive, with many remarking that she looked “amazing” and that they were “proud” of her.

“You got to swim! So happy for you! I know how much you love to do it so that's so great to see,” one user wrote, while another said, “Holy wow! The transformation is incredible! So happy to see how far you have come I may have cried a little.”

“I know that Tammy must be so proud of herself. She fought the hard fight and made it when so many people wrote her off. Congrats girl!” another encouraging comment read.

Isn't it sweet that Tammy Slaton got applauded for pulling through despite her struggles? Do you know anyone struggling to meet a goal? Let us know, and share this inspiring piece with others. 

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