Zookeepers Come Up With Ingenious Plan For Panda Mom Who Doesn't Realize She Birthed Twins

Twins in the world of the panda are anything but rare. One of the newest moms had no idea she gave birth to twins. The zookeepers devised an ingenious plan to make certain both babies survived. This sensational video is nothing less than absolutely charming and adorable. 

When twins are born to a panda, they do not always have to drive to take care of both cubs. The mother usually chooses one cub to take care of and the other is left to the will of nature.

This led to the zookeepers of Lee Lee devising a brilliant plan to ensure the survival of both cubs. Instead of just watching what was happening, they made her believe she only had one cub. It is important to realize pandas are different than people when raising their cubs. 


Panda mothers do not spitefully neglect their young. The belief is they do not have enough energy or milk for two. This meant the zookeepers had to intervene to save the cub. Using a lot of courage and patience, they switched the babies numerous times each day.

One zookeeper used honey water to distract Lee Lee while another attempted to grab the cub right out from under her paws. This process was frightening and took several minutes to finish. 

Once the zookeepers had finished, Lee Lee had no idea what had happened. She cuddled her cub closely while the veterinary staff monitored and observed the entire process. When the time to switch the cubs comes again, the zookeepers have to do the exact same thing all over again. This method may be tedious, but the success rate for switching babies is almost 100 percent. 

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