You've Been Using Your Pool Noodles Wrong All This Time - Here's Why!

No pool? No problem! With summer around the corner, take the chance to stock up on cheap pool noodles to do these 19 fun, cheap, and easy DIY projects. 


1. Floating Ice Chest


There’s nothing worse than having to get out of the pool to get a drink or a snack in the summer. With this floating ice chest, you won’t have to!  Simply cut four pieces of pool noodle and tie them around a waterproof box of your choice, and voila! Your ice cold drink will never be more than an arm’s length away.


2. A Funnel

Have you ever had to fill a bucket that just doesn’t fit in your sink? Using a pool noodle as an extra long funnel solves this problem. You’ll save so much time cleaning up around the house!


3. Securing Gaps Under Doors

If your house is older and the weather stripping isn’t holding up anymore, using a pool noodle to fill the gap between the door and the floor could be a quick way to keep from freezing this winter. You can even cover the pool noodles in nice fabric to make them both cute and functional!


4. Narrow Garage? No Problem!

Navigating a small garage can be a nightmare, especially if you have children and care about your car staying in one piece. Gluing a carefully placed pool noodle to the wall is a clever way to help you and your family avoid banging your car door against the wall.


5. Support For Your Garden

Pool noodles can be a great replacement for wooden stakes when growing plants. Simply cut the noodles lengthwise and wrap them around the stem of your plant for an even more beautiful and colorful garden!


6. Keeping Boots Beautiful

If your boots need a little extra support when you’re not wearing them, filling them with a pool noodle is a great way to keep them upright. Your closet will look so organized when you’re done!


7. Preventing Creases

If you’re tired of ironing your pants before you put them on to avoid walking around with creases all day, simply wrap a pool noodle around your hangers before hanging pants to dry, and you’ll never have creases again. It’s that easy!


8. Colorful Napkin Rings

If you’re worried about your napkins blowing away when you eat outside, simply cut pool noodles into rings and you’ll have beautiful, colorful napkin rings in seconds! The best part: they’re nearly impossible for kids to break, and quick to replace if they do.


9. Stubbed Toe Prevention

Say goodbye to stubbing your toe on your bed frame! All you have to do is cut a pool noodle to match the height of your bed frame and wrap it around each leg. The next time you stub your toe, you’ll barely feel a thing!


10. Noodle Leftovers as Pot Fillers

While you’re doing all the other DIY pool noodle projects, make sure to save the scraps! You can stuff them in the bottom of a pot in order to keep soil moist while preventing damage that comes from over-watering.


11. Car Seat Footrest

Tired of your little one trampling the back of your seat? Give them something more fun and colorful to kick! Simply attach a pool noodle to the bottom of their car seat and you’ll never have to deal with blunt-force induced back pain again.


12. Doorstop

If you’ve got teenagers, this is a clever way to prevent them from slamming doors when they storm off to their rooms, with an added bonus of preventing fingers from getting caught in the door! Simply cut a pool noodle lengthwise, use tape to attach it to the edge of the door, and say goodbye to finger jams!


13. Headband Organizer

If you’ve been taking advantage of the headband trend that’s in full swing right now, try using a pool noodle to keep them organized! Simple cut a pool noodle and string a matching piece of yarn or rope through the middle to hang it in the bathroom or your room. So easy!


14. Pool Noodle Fort

If you have a child or just want to celebrate the child within you, building a makeshift fort with pool noodles is surprisingly simple! Use duct tape and pool noodles to build a frame of your choice, and cover them with blankets or sheets. And hang a sign saying no boys allowed, of course.


15. Floating Cup Holder

You’ll be able to enjoy an ice cold drink on a hot day at the pool with this simple DIY project. Simply cut 3 small pieces from a pool noodle and line two pieces up next to each other. Cut a hole from the middle large enough to fit the third piece, glue it all together, and you have the perfect floating koozie! Now all you need is someone to fetch the drink for you, and you’ll never have to get out of the pool!


16. Store Fabric

If you’re a quilting fanatic or just like to sew, use this super easy technique to store your spare fabric! Simply wrap the fabric around a pool noodle, secure it with a pin, and store it until you need it again.


17. Paintbrush Holder

This simple DIY project will make your future DIY projects so much easier! Simply cut as many slices as necessary into pieces of a pool noodle glued to the side of a bucket, and hang your paint brushes easily!

18. Bed Bumpers

Worried your child will roll of the bed? Use this easy trick to protect them and keep them sleeping safe and sound! All you have to do is tape two pool noodles to each side of the mattress, and your child won’t have to worry about waking up on the floor ever again.


19. Play Mat

You know your baby best, so why don’t you create a custom play mat for them? This simple tutorial will help you provide hours of entertainment for your kiddo, and maybe even wear them out enough for you to get a full night of sleep!


Which DIY are you going to do first? Make sure to let your friends know about these clever tricks, too!