Your Kids Will Love This Recipe For Pumpkin Guts Slime For Halloween

Oct 17, 2018 by apost team

They will love it! You will be a hero/heroine! Just taking the time to make SLIME with them will afford one of the most enjoyable bonding moments you will ever have. I know.

Last year I experienced this type of moment with my teenaged niece. We had a blast and I look forward to our sliming time together this Halloween.

This year, the motif will reflect the ickiest, ooziest, foodstuffs and creations ever created by my family at Halloween. Because it is the "spooky" time of year, making Pumpkin Guts Slime aligns itself perfectly with parties, costuming, pumpkins and jack-o-lantern leftovers all over the country.

It's a youthful craze. but it's not exclusively for children. As an adult, you can join in the fun and be celebrated for doing so. That's a little selfish thinking, for sure, but I always say, "take your hugs and kisses where you can get them".

The object is to use the entire pumpkin. You don't want to waste one seed needlessly. Other than slime, pumpkin guts have been used to enhance this holiday for many years. For instance, in the department of culinary delights, the pumpkin is a staple. Have you ever tasted Roasted Pumpkin Seeds? No? Where have you been? How about pumpkin butter as a spread on toast or pancakes?

Perhaps you've awakened to the aroma and taste of Pumpkin Spice Latte or fed on the comfort food Pumpkin Mac and Cheese?

I'm getting hungry just rehearsing the names of this foodstuff and I've not even gotten to the desserts yet...the truffles, and cheesecake, and muffins, and pies, and... well, you get the picture.

Creative minds have always shown out during this season and this year you can expect the same. If you can conceive it, you can achieve it! You and your kids will have a blast making Pumpkin Guts Slime.

It can even be a chance to learn something new. It is an immense opportunity for kids to experience different textures and smells. It can add to their appreciation for recycling. To maintain its freshness, keep it refrigerated. Don't forget, though the pumpkin guts are the remains of the pumpkin insides, it's still a food product.

What You Will Need:

  • Pumpkin Guts
  • Clear Glue
  • Contact Lens Solution
  • Baking Soda

Dump the glue, baking soda, and pumpkin guts bowl. Mix everything together for about 15 minutes and add in the contact lens solution drop-by-drop until you've achieved desired consistency. Repeat this procedure until your hands are slime-free. Then play and have fun!

If sliming is not your thing, you may mix the pumpkin innards with another substance like playdough. It feels cool and squishy and can be molded into anything. Just knead it until it takes the shape you want.

You may find the full recipe along with 3 more bonus recipes for pumpkin slime in the video below:

Whether it is making slime, pumpkin foodstuffs, or playdough shapes with pumpkin seeds, take advantage of spending time this holiday with your young ones. Make sure to let us know how much your children loved this slimey recipe in the comments - and share this with your friends too!