Your Health Is Written On Your Face

The ancient Chinese had very sophisticated systems of healing and recognizing various diseases in the human body without the need of technology. They knew about a future disease before it even appeared in the body. This is how the ancient Chinese did this and how you can diagnose any potential conditions before they manifest.

The Chinese use a technique of face mapping. They believe that any skin blemish such as acne, rash, and dryness on a particular part of the face points to a problem inside a certain organ in the body. It is a safe and easy way to identify diseases, so you can treat them on time. One look at your face can save you so much time in diagnosing and give you a good head start in strengthening any weak organs in your body.


Any skin blemishes or acne on the cheeks could be a result of smoking, bacterial buildup, or simply a result of touching your face often with unclean hands.


Stress, alcohol intake, excessive coffee use, and poor circulation can result in acne on the T-zone.

Chin, jaw, neckline:

Acne on these can show too much starch consumed, candida infection, hormonal imbalances, or too much sugar consumption.

Mapping out the face like this is too broad.

In order to diagnose each organ, you can check out the following areas.

Between the eyebrows: Liver

Consuming a lot of meat puts a great stress on the digestion. This leaves the liver with lots of overwork and can manifest as acne on this part of the face. Try eating more raw fruits and vegetables on a daily basis and spending lots of time in the clean air, and you will see your skin improve drastically.

Forehead: Bladder and small intestines

Having acne on the forehead shows high consumption of fatty foods and not sufficient fiber in the diet. Alcohol, stress, indigestion, toxins, and dehydration can also lead to this. If you drink 10-12 glasses of water daily and stay away from unhealthy food choices, you should see the acne disappearing.

Eyebrows and the area around eyes: Kidneys

Acne here shows malnutrition and insufficient hydration. Alcohol, tobacco, bad circulation, and weak heart can also cause acne here. Avoid caffeine and alcohol as much as possible as they remove water from the body. Drink plenty of water every day.

Cheeks: Lungs and kidneys

Bad dental hygiene can lead to acne on the cheeks. Floss and brush your teeth every day, and avoid drinking and eating too much sugar to get rid of this problem.

Upper part of the cheeks: Lungs

Acne in this area appears when there is an increase in pollution of air. If the area where you live is very polluted, consider purifying the air inside the home with plants and air cleaners. If you are smoking, stop this bad habit as soon as possible.

Nose: Heart

The skin on the nose shows the condition of your heart health. If you get acne on it, decrease your salt intake and start living a healthier and more active lifestyle to make your heart stronger. And find yourself more reasons to smile.

Mouth and chin: Stomach

Acne in this area is caused by intake of alcohol, too many fatty foods, and sugar. Avoid these foods as much as possible by finding their alternatives and add more fermented foods to your diet as it increases the good bacteria in the digestive tract.

Neck and jaw:  Endocrine system

Acne on the neck and jaw are caused by an imbalance in the body's hormones. To regulate this imbalance, pay attention to your salt and caffeine intake and start eating a healthier diet. As a conclusion - eat a healthier diet, take care of yourself, and you will not only be healthy but have a beautiful skin and a bright face. Your external beauty will reflect your internal health.

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