Your Fingerprints Reveal This About Your Personality

Fingerprints are unique identifiers for every person on the planet. For more than 50 years, the study of dermatoglyphics has been used in a variety of contexts. Besides identifying criminals, fingerprints can also shed light on personality traits. The science behind this study has become very advanced. Take a look at these major fingerprint patterns and see how they relate to your own personality. You might be surprised at how accurate the findings are!


Loops in your fingerprints tend to reveal that you have a sanguine personality. Your demeanor tends to be calm, and you approach life from a balanced standpoint. Gregarious behavior is a hallmark of those who have loops. This trait makes it easy for you to make friends and keep the ones you have.

Your outgoing nature attracts other people, and you are often the life of the party. People with loops tend to find work tasks boring because they don't offer enough stimulation. You're the kind of person who needs to regularly encounter new challenges. As a result, you can be somewhat adventurous.

Ulnar Loops

Fingerprint loops have a few different variations. One of these is the ulnar loop. The pattern of this loop can often resemble a waterfall, and it almost always points toward the little finger. Those with ulnar loops are kind and gentle souls. They are easy-going but need structure in their life. This makes them very strict when it comes to their schedule. 

Living in the moment is important to those with ulnar loops. This spontaneity has a certain amount of charm, and life with these people is never boring. Just know that they can observe their surroundings and make snap judgments with extreme accuracy. It is hard to fool someone with ulnar loops. 


Radial Loops

Radial loops are similar to ulnar loops but turn to the opposite side. They spin toward the thumbs. If you have this kind of loop, your personality is very witty. People adore your sharp sense of humor and find you fun to be around. It is also fair to say that you have an independent streak that can lead to its share of conflict.

Because you are very independent, you tend to go against the grain. You are the person who will not willingly accept the status quo or do things just because everyone else is doing them. You have a willingness to ask questions, and your inquisitive nature gives you an edge when it comes to figuring things out.


Curves or Arches

The second primary type of fingerprint is a curve or arch. The defining personality associated with curves and arches is choleric. There is a confidence which pervades the personalities of people with this pattern. These folks can be a little bit frantic at times due to their high levels of energy.

A downside of this personality is that it can be perceived as stubborn. You are the kind of person who will adhere to your point of view no matter what. Your reluctance to bend can cause others to think you are abrasive. Although you are unyielding, this trait also makes you very loyal to those you trust.

Simple Arch

Just as its name suggests, the simple arch is a straightforward fingerprint pattern which rises toward the top of the finger. This pattern is indicative of a shy personality. If you have it, you are likely introverted and tend to keep your feelings to yourself. 

It can be hard for you to make friends with others because you are reluctant to trust. You've learned the hard way that sharing your feelings is not always a great idea. Your partner may sometimes feel that you are detached. This is because your emotions are private things, and you prefer to keep them hidden.


Tented Arch

Similar to the simple arch, the tented arch has a sharp top. It can also include triangular shapes. Just like the sharp edges of this pattern, you have a sharp personality. There is no middle ground for you. You live on the extreme side of reality. Sometimes you will be outgoing. Other times you will be closed off to everyone.

The partners you attract will tend to be those who like to figure out a mystery. You are someone that requires patience in your relationships. On the upside, waking up with you is never boring. There is always adventure waiting. You also have an edge when it comes to interactions in business because no one can really know what you are thinking.


Swirls, also known as whorls, are by far the most common type of fingerprint pattern. They most often define someone as phlegmatic. You are the kind of person that has a short fuse. Your anger management can be poor at times. You also tend to be outspoken.

Nevertheless, a whorl on your fingerprint usually means that you wear your heart on your sleeve. You are loyal to those you like and are not two-faced. It is also true that complex issues are no problem for you. You have an uncanny ability to sort things out with ease.

Concentric Whorl

This type of whorl is typified by expanding circles that get larger as they move out from the center. Those with this pattern are generally self-absorbed. They can even be called conceited. More often than not, life is all about you. 

It's not all bad. You are determined to have your way in life, but at least you don't make any efforts to hide that fact. You put it out there as big as day, and those who don't like it are free to move on down the road. You do not do well with authority figures and can be labeled as a rebel.


Spiral Whorl

This whorl has a distinct spiral pattern. It usually belongs to people who are driven and motivated to be their best. Goals are important to you, and you'll do anything to achieve those goals. It is best for those who oppose you to stand out of the way.

You are the kind of person who likes to go it alone. The advice of others will always pale in comparison to what you think is the right course. Instead of seeking the opinions of experts, you are the expert. 


Press Whorl

The whorls in the center of this pattern tend to be longer than those on the outside. You are a dreamer if you have a press whorl. The unfortunate thing is that your ambition can sometimes be your downfall. It can lead you to pursue the unattainable. 

The mediocre is what drives you nuts. You are unwilling to accept anything less than the best. In a supervisory role, you can be a taskmaster. Even though you are hard to work for, you are quick to issue praise when someone meets your lofty standards.


Imploding Whorl

An imploding whorl sort of falls back in on itself. This speaks volumes about your personality. You keep a lot of things inside, but you also stand firmly at the center of your world. Handling multiple tasks is very easy for you. You don't easily delegate.

Your levels of concentration exceed those of other personality types. This means that you can take on big projects with a lot of components. You have a flair for organization. In your relationships you tend to be a fixer, trying to keep everyone happy.


Composite Whorl

The composite whorl has a center that is located on the side of the fingerprint. Those with this fingerprint are usually ones who can adapt to situations. They are not fixed on certain personality traits and change to fit their surroundings. 

Like a chameleon, you work hard to blend in. You will make the best of your circumstances and always come out on top. It is not in your nature to judge people or hold fast to stereotypes. You are willing to accept others for who they are.


Peacock's Eye

This interesting type of whorl is not often seen. It has an eye at its center, hence the name. It usually belongs to creative people and those with high intelligence. You excel at many things if this is your pattern, and you have the confidence to do well.

You may find it easier to succeed in an artistic career. Those with a Peacock's Eye make excellent musicians and artists. It is also true that many writers have this type of pattern. Give yourself a chance to explore your creativity.



Some fingerprints combine aspects of one of more major pattern. As you might imagine, having one of these unique patterns identifies a unique personality. It really isn't in your character makeup to follow the crowd. You will typically be leading the way.

Your unwillingness to conform can be misunderstood. Some people may think you are arrogant. The opinions of others, however, don't matter to you. What really upsets you is when others aren't willing to comply with your ideas.


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