Your Eyes Might Be The Windows To Your Soul: What Does The Color Of Your Eyes Say About You?

The first thing that most people notice about a person is their eyes, and when you have direct eye contact with another, that instant vibe or feeling about what that person may be like is too real. The saying about the eyes being the window to a person's soul means you have the ability to learn all sorts of unique things about a person through their eyes.

Seriously, you know you have looked into the eyes of another and known instantly if they were happy, mad, sad, in love, or flirtatious. There is no hiding what is going on inside, the eyes give away little tells that observant people can pick up quickly.

Have you ever wondered why a person can often connect with you instantly without saying a word? They are in tune with the messages that your eyes are sending out. Even if you were trying to hide something, your eyes will betray you and reveal the truth to those who are paying close attention. A smile can be faked, but a smile through the eyes opens the door to the soul.

In addition to the eyes revealing what is going on inside, the color of a person's eyes reveals secrets about their personality on a much deeper level. Knowing what these colors reveal and being in tune with what the eyes show, allows you to be in a unique position to read people spiritually.

There are a number of specific traits and characteristics that have been linked to the color of the eyes, despite the fact no two eyes are exactly the same pigmentation. Eye colors can range from black, hazel, blue, green, gray, and brown.

Brown eyes are more common throughout the world, with current estimates showing that over 55 percent of the world's population have brown eyes. Darker shades of brown are often considered black eyes, and blue happens to be the second most common color of eyes. Hazel eyes are fairly unusual, followed by green, but the rarest of all the eye colors are gray or amber-colored eyes.

Knowing which eye color is the most or least popular is all fine and good, but you want to know what secret traits the colors reveal about your personality, right? If you can identify these traits, and then be able to see what that person is feeling inside, you can look into anyone's eyes and see things no one else can. This can be fun at first, but after a while, you will discover that you feel like you have a power over everyone by being able to know more about them than they let on to anyone. Let's take a closer look at what the color of the eyes reveals about the individual personality.

Blue Eyes

The person behind those blue eyes is insightful, assertive, kind, and sincere. This person is known to have long-lasting relationships, is full of youth and energy, and has this unwavering optimistic outlook on life.

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Green Eyes

There is something about a person with green eyes. They are mysterious, curious, intelligent, enchanting, and have a real positive work ethic. Green-eyed people are compassionate but become jealous very easily.

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Gray Eyes

Those with gray eyes are old souls, wise beyond their years, romantic, and creative. They are the least aggressive, very imaginative, and liked by just about every person they meet.

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Brown Eyes

The most common of all eye colors, brown eyes reveal a person who is humble, outgoing, determined, and yet polite. These folks are independent, confident, attractive, and definitely a people person.

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Hazel Eyes

Those with hazel eyes tend to be spontaneous, elegant, opinionated, and sensual. They are fun-loving but temperamental, they can be mischievous, adventurous, but love to just go with the flow of things.

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Black Eyes

If a person has black eyes, they are intuitive, spiritual, and passionate. These individuals are secretive, responsible, and a little mischievous too. Even though they are hard-working, they tend to not trust anyone.

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Now that you know what the color of eyes means, have some fun with your newly learned skills. If you have been having trouble getting that coworker with black eyes to trust you or like you, now you know why. Perhaps you can appeal to their spiritual or passionate side before they trust you. Being able to read a person before they say a word has tremendous power, so play with your new skills carefully.