Your Cells Can Hear You - Talking To Your Body Can Actually Help You Heal

Aug 24, 2018 by apost team

Your body is much more than a collection of organs and tissues. It is a massive collective of cells working together to energize and support your vibrant health every day. Even if you struggle with issues like chronic pain and disability, your body has the capacity to experience radiant health and wellness. The trick is knowing how to speak to your body in a way that it will actually hear you and positively respond.

Traditional healing modalities around the world and throughout time have counseled that our bodies are reservoirs of healing energy, capable of manifesting miraculous feats if we just give them the chance. With the right combination of food, activity, rest, and visualization, we can begin to tap into this native energy source. If you have never spoken to your body, you might not know how to get started. This simple relaxation technique will help you begin to access your body’s natural healing potency. You can get started right away.

Learning To Relax

The body heals best when it's resting. For that reason, it's best to learn to access a deep meditative state. This doesn’t come naturally to most people; therefore you will have to practice a bit every day. Begin by sitting in a comfortable position. Try sitting on a folded towel or thin pillow for comfort. Inhale through your nose and exhale gently through your mouth. Let your breathing become relaxed and easy. It doesn’t matter if your mind drifts into thoughts of your day; just bring your attention back to your breath if your attention wanders.

Speaking To Your Body

Once you have established a calm cycle of breath, you can begin speaking to your body. To do this, just begin imagining that you’re having a conversation with your body. Talk to the parts that are injured or in pain and coach them back to wellness. Thank them for working hard and send them healing thoughts. You can imagine warm rays of radiant light glowing in areas that need healing; this will help speed your recovery. Concentrate on each area of the body in need of extra healing. Do this until each part of the body has been addressed.

You can do this healing visualization for up to an hour; you will probably only be able to maintain concentration for a few minutes at first, so you will have to work up to a longer period of time. Try to do this practice every day. Doing this practice on a frequent basis will help speed your healing because you will become better able to tap into your body’s natural healing energies. After all, practice makes perfect.

Your body is capable of achieving a dynamic healing response as a result of speaking to it with genuine compassion and acceptance. Take time to practice this meditative state and try speaking to it in this relaxed way. You will soon find yourself experiencing new states of being as you tap into unknown reservoirs of healing potency that have been just waiting for you to call them forth. You have the power to heal yourself from so many ailments; you have the capacity to take charge of your personal well-being.

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