Young Woman’s Poignant Solo Performance Takes On New Life With Police Officer’s Presence On Stage

Jan 21, 2022 by apost team

For many dancers, expressing themselves and their emotions through the art of movement is the best way they know how to explain what they are feeling inside. Their movements are precise and well thought out, and showcase whatever sense of emotion they are trying to evoke. Some dances can be fun and upbeat, while others are slower and more meaningful, showing that there are several layers that make up a dancer and his or her abilities.

A dancer by the name of Tylar Olsen performed a powerful solo performance back in June 2017 at the Edge Dance Studio. She captivated the audience within a matter of seconds, moving her body gracefully and eloquently. It was clear that she had a message she wanted to share with everyone who was watching, and who has since seen her performance through social media.

Her performance was uploaded to YouTube in June 2017, and has since reviewed an abundance of comments commending her for her performance. However, many people couldn’t help but notice the police officer standing in the corner of the stage while Olsen danced.

While many dancers opt to perform to some type of music, Olsen’s performance started off a bit differently. At first, there was just a spoken recording playing, with a man speaking about the duties of a police officer. It wasn’t long before some piano music began playing underneath the words, enhancing the intensity of the dance and its message. Emotions were at an all-time high as the dance came to a close, and the ending is still leaving people speechless.

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During her performance, Olsen showed just how powerful dancing can be when it comes to expressing oneself. Her dance was called “Policeman,” and it was choreographed by Kim Makahilahila, with the spoken word portion of the music coming from a Paul Harvey speech.

While Olsen poured her heart and soul out onto the stage, a police officer stood in the corner while wearing his full uniform. The contemporary movements seemed to echo the words being played through the speakers that spoke about the ups and downs officers faced on the job. The intensity of the performance continued to rise, before it finally came to an end with a heart-melting close. Olsen ran over to hug the police officer, showing just how appreciative she was of him.

In the caption of her YouTube video, Olsen said:

“This dance is dedicated to my uncle, and to ALL the men and women in blue who strap on their duty belt, secure their bulletproof vests, and put their lives on the line each day to keep us safe. May you all return home safe. Keep walking the thin blue line.”

Many people have since expressed their appreciation for Olsen for using her dance to share such a strong message. One person commented, “Unbelievably powerful. Well done young lady, well done.” Another said, “This is such a beautiful tribute to police officers and your dancing was superb!”

On top of that, several people were astonished by the dance’s ending, and have continued to rave about it. One person said, “The ending made me cry. It is one of the most beautiful things that I have ever seen in my life. It was so sweet, loving and tender.”

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