Young Woman Sees Man In Neighboring Seat On Plane Fat-Shaming Her In Text Message

Jul 21, 2021 by apost team

Flying on an airplane has its fair share of ups and downs, with one of the most relatable cons being the lack of legroom. Having to sit next to someone you don’t know for an extended period of time can be awkward and maybe even aggravating, especially when there is little to no room to stretch and enjoy the space you’re in.

A Texas woman aboard a flight from Dallas to Amarillo in July 2021 dealt with a rude passenger sitting next to her when she oversaw some of his harsh text messages to his girlfriend. In the texts, the man expressed just how fat the woman sitting next to him was, leaving the woman completely gobsmacked.

Landen Ewing, the woman who was fat-shamed, uploaded a video depicting her experience to TikTok with screenshots of the man’s text messages with his girlfriend, and her story has since gone viral and been shared by a variety of mainstream media outlets. Ewing is conventionally thin and even shared her weight and size with others, showing that she was actually in pretty good shape unlike the way the man was describing her.

While some people have argued that he might have lied on purpose to help lessen his girlfriend’s apparent jealousy, Ewing has made it a point to explain that it’s never a bad idea to be kind and that harsh comments like this could really ruin someone’s day. Despite receiving such mean and degrading comments about herself and her body from the man beside her on the plane, Ewing has stayed positive and gone on to share her story with others and can now even laugh at the entire ordeal.

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The Daily Mail reported that Ewing had been flying from Nashville, Tennessee to her home back in Amarillo when she discovered that the man sitting next to her on the plane was complaining about how fat she was via text message to his girlfriend. She explained the man’s phone was “way out in front of him,” making it easy to see and read his text messages and who he was texting. The man had sent a text to his girlfriend saying that the plane was “too small” because of how fat the girl sitting next to him was, referring to Ewing. 

He went as far as to joke that the plane wouldn’t even be able to get off the ground because of Ewing’s size, as per the Daily Mail. Ewing shared her story and the picture she took of the screenshots in a TikTok video. She ended her story by addressing the man’s partner. “Your boyfriend sucks!” she exclaimed.

Since sharing her story, Ewing has gone on to speak with Inside Edition and explain how she is using the moment to remind others to always be kind. The Daily Mail shared TikTok comments explaining that it’s possible that the man found Ewing attractive but didn’t want his girlfriend to get jealous or worry, so he instead referred to Ewing as fat. While Ewing has been able to laugh about the entire ordeal, she explained just how crucial it is to be nice to others. “For someone else, that could have ruined their day, their week, their year,” she told Inside Edition.

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