Young Mom Gets Fired 10 Days Into Brand New Job After She Was Accused Of 'Hiding' Her Baby Bump

Mar 25, 2019 by apost team

Twenty-one-year-old Jennifer Rodriguez showed up ready to impress for a job interview with a law firm in Denver. The interview went well and Jennifer beamed with pride when she was informed the job was hers.

However, the smiles soon turned to frowns for Jennifer when her employment was terminated ten days later. She told CBS Denver that the termination happened for a reason she never would have imagined.


Jennifer said a lawyer for the firm, who had also conducted her interview, accused her of hiding the fact she was pregnant. 

“I asked for an explanation and he told me because I was dishonest with not revealing I was pregnant within my first interview or my second interview,” says Rodriguez.

Jennifer says she was eight months pregnant when she interviewed for the job and explains her baby bump was clear to the eye. The sudden loss of employment left the soon to be a mother with no source of income.

Jennifer explained while giving an interview that she was angered by her firing and demanded an explanation from the firm.

Jennifer was told she was terminated for being dishonest and hiding the fact she was pregnant.

Jennifer says she was asked by employees at the firm if she was planning to keep the baby or would instead give the baby up for adoption.

She says she was also asked if she would keep the baby if there were complications with the remaining portion of her pregnancy or while giving birth.

Jennifer says she is angered by the firing and has employed a lawyer to help her with a pending lawsuit.

She also says she has chosen to express her outrage publicly to call attention to the matter for the benefit of other mothers.

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