Young Man Approaches Officer And Asks To “Pray Over Him And His Protection”

A Florida college student’s act of faith towards a local police officer is being praised on social media. What Juan O’Neal, who is a student at Stetson University, said to a police officer and his wife changed them all forever.

Officer Cameron Tucker works for the Volusia County Sheriff’s Office. While he and his wife Justine were dining at a Zaxby’s restaurant, they were approached by a young man asking if he could pray for Cameron’s protection.

That young man was Juan O’Neal reports the New York Post, and his simple gesture brought tears to the eyes of Officer Cameron’s wife Justine. She posted a picture showing a standing Juan with his hand on the seated officer’s shoulder, both with their eyes closed and heads bowed in prayer.

Juan told the couple that he felt moved by God to approach them and offer a prayer for the officer’s safety. Juan’s Christian beliefs play a big part in his life, and he is a member of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes at Stetson University where he is a member of the football team.

Juan and Officer Cameron have stayed in contact with each other, and Juan has even been a guest at the Tucker’s home, which Justine posted on Facebook.

Although the friendship that has formed between a white police officer and a black college student seems unusual, both men value the bond they have with each other. Sadly, many stories about interactions between police officers and young black men are a source of conflict and sadness.

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