Puppies Get Into Scuffle But Mama’s Comedic Intervention Wins Viewers Hearts

Oct 17, 2020 by apost team

If you’re a parent, chances are you’re pretty good at predicting the outcome of those all-too-common “play fights” your kids get into. It’s all fun and games until someone gets frustrated and before long, they’re not playing anymore; they’re just fighting. That’s usually when mom has to break it up.

Things are seemingly identical in the dog world. Puppies can be just as naughty as kids, and dog moms are apparently just as quick to reprimand. This video, which was uploaded in 2017, proves just that.

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There are two adorably fluffy young puppies roughhousing on a blanket, wrestling around like typical siblings. While puppies are known to play this way, things can get out of hand just like with human kids.

These pups seem to be struggling over their “territory”, one finally shoving the other off the blanket in victory. But soon they’re at it again and the fighting seems to escalate, prompting mama dog to rush over and handle the situation; and she means business!


She starts by nipping one of the puppies on his hind end, making him more aggressive towards the other puppy. She continues to nip at the pup in an attempt to break it up.

All right, all you moms out there know what it’s like to try to break up the kids, and no one listens. What happens next? Well, you might proceed to lose your mind and dish out a verbal lashing that freezes the kiddos in their tracks.

The hilarious part is that the exact thing happens with the mama dog and her pups. She gives one last aggressive nip before she starts barking loudly at the naughty siblings. If she had an index finger, it would be in their faces.

They sit through the noisy lecture with a guilty and uncomfortable look on their faces until the mama dog is sure she’s gotten her point across and finishes barking. It looks like they won’t be playing around like that again. At least not for a few minutes, if they really are as humans.

What’s the funniest thing you’ve ever seen a puppy do? If you have family or friends who love dogs, make sure they get to see this one.

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