Young Girl In Black Steals Show With Line Dance

Nov 18, 2020 by apost team

A young girl named Bailey transforms a traditional clog dance from old school to modern real quick. With a whip of her hair and a swing in her arms, the teen never misses a beat and is all smiles while doing it. This stunning performance took place at the Scotty Bilz National Clogging Convention in 2013.

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With its Appalachian history, clog dancing has been part of American culture for many generations. Although clog dancing was formed from multiple cultures such as Welsh, Cherokee, English, German, and African forms of movement, it remains a mainstay in American dance culture to this day. Tap dancing, which was heavily inspired by clog dancing, is in the same vein.

One of the things that differentiates tap from clog dancing is that unlike tap, traditional clog dancing typically focuses on just the footwork while the arms remain at the sides. Well, one of the things that makes Bailey stand out as a pro is her ability to get her entire body involved in the dance without her missing one step. She is clearly having fun with the dance and letting the music move her rather than being so technical and focusing on the steps alone.

National Convention Turned National Treasure

Many people commented on the video saying how much they enjoyed watching the young lady's presentation of the traditional dance, and they liked the new age spin that she gave it. With a smile on her face while whipping her ponytail and flowing into every step, she added a flare that is not typically seen in this type of dance. Although associated with old-time music, this performance was extremely young and hip.

Fun the Entire Family Can Enjoy

Each year, the National Clogging Convention welcomes people of all age groups to compete as well as enjoy watching the American dance. The dance steps, which are dictated by a "Caller," are combined with traditional instruments such as a banjo, fretted dulcimer, fiddle, and guitar. As the Caller says the moves, the dancers will execute them in unison to the beat of the music.

When He Calls, She Is Right on Time

In this video, the Caller is naming specific dance steps such as Bird Walk, Hillbilly Dirty Dance, Cotton Eyed Joe, and MJ. While the entire group follows along with the steps as they are called, the young lady in the black not only follows the steps but adds to them with her fluidity and spunky vibe.

She's Not New to This She's True to This

It's no wonder the teen moves so effortlessly through each step as her mother says in the YouTube comments she has been dancing since before she was 2 years old. While the performance in the video was only her second year attending the National Clogging Convention, her natural ease comes from her experience with dances like tap, hip hop, and more. "I can feel her soul speak when she dances," says the youth's mom who is obviously extremely proud of her daughter.

When You Have It and It Shows

It didn't take but a second to see who the star of that clog dance was as the teenager just automatically stood out without even trying very hard. Some of the commenters on the video were saying that she was a natural superstar, the best dancer they've ever seen. Others said they enjoyed watching her and how she just flowed with every step like a professional. She should be on Dancing With the Stars.

A Tradition that Has Every Generation Smiling

The smile that can be seen on the young lady's face as she Kick Steps and Bird Walks on beat is the same smile that can be seen on the faces of clog dancers nationwide. The combination of the instruments along with the type of dance steps have been the joy of many Saturday nights for generations of American families.

Movement Is Good for Your Body and Soul

Dancing is probably one of the most favorite pastimes besides eating and playing games. Although, according to the young lady's mother, she won't be clog dancing anymore; she instead wants to spend more time working on other forms of dance such as tap, hip hop, etc. Nevertheless, the way this young lady's rhythm is setup coupled with her It factor, she will probably be a star no matter what genre of dance she is in.

Have you ever tried clog dancing before, and if not, would you try it? How did you like the young lady's performance? What are some cultural dances that are not part of your heritage, but you would like to try? Drop a comment down below, so we can talk about it. And don't forget to pass this on to friends and family members.

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