Young George Strait Sings His Second #1 Hit, "A Fire I Can’t Put Out"

We are lucky to live in the age of information. The Internet makes it very easy for us to find performances that took place decades ago. Recently, footage was uploaded of Country legend George Strait’s second number-one single, “A Fire I Can’t Put Out.” This man would later earn the title “King of Country.” His second number-one hit is about about a love that he cannot get over, though it has already ended.

Such a song must have become a hit because it resonates with the situations of many of his fans. Everyone who has loved knows the terrible pain after it’s over, and how it feels like a physical struggle to get over that person.

We might argue that most hit songs in the years since “A Fire I Can’t Put Out” are also about love in its various phases. Happy songs celebrate the beginning of a love, when colors are brighter and everything about your beloved is fascinating. Music also honors love that lasts, such as happy marriages that hold on to their sacred vows.

This hit, though, is Strait’s heart pouring out over a romance that has ended, one that will not stop haunting him. Written by Darryl Staedtler, its powerful lyrics reach a new level when combined with George Strait’s voice. We don’t have to be mourning a lost love ourselves to acknowledge the song's beauty.

Love is an emotion that has been celebrated throughout history. Even before the invention of black-and-white television, people were falling in and out of love, nursing heartache and cherishing bittersweet memories.

A cynic might say that falling in love means choosing the worst of pains; we think that the sweet moments shared before the split make every tear worthwhile. It’s no wonder that “A Fire I Can’t Put Out” made it to the top of the charts. Many people would agree with us that love is a wound we would rather feel than emptiness.

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