Young Doctor Delivers Woman’s Baby But At Two Week Check-Up Mom’s Jaw Drops As Dr. Says 'I Have Something'

Sep 24, 2020 by apost team

Pregnancy is a miracle in itself. Every child is a blessing and should be celebrated as such. Dr. Erik Bostrom from Aitkin, Minnesota also firmly believes every pregnancy and newborn should be specially celebrated. He takes the term "personalized care" to a whole new level. This video from January 2019 shows how he treats his patient and new mom, Lacie Hietalati.

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One doctor from Minnesota certainly bringing new meaning to specialized care, reports FOX 9Dr. Erik Bostrom is a family doctor that loves the miracle of life. He's helped deliver many babies in his time as a doctor and loves to keep his patients happy.

The young doctor helps women get through pregnancy, childbirth, and any health-related issues following the birth of their child. He loves what he does and likes to make sure mothers are as healthy as can be. After moving to Minnesota, Dr. Bostrom came up with a new way to celebrate his tiny patients: sewing personalized blankets for the newborns!

Once he accepted the job at Riverwood Healthcare Center, Dr. Bostrom wanted to do more to get to know his patients. His adorable gifts are always a welcome surprise to the mothers in his care, according to FOX 9.

Though it took a little trial and error and a lot of practicing, Dr. Bostrom figured out how to embroider and sew the little gifts for all the babies he was going to deliver.

Even on a tight schedule, Dr. Bostrom still manages to make a new blanket for every newborn that he has delivered. With nine months to spare, Dr. Bostrom certainly has the chance to perfect each blanket. While this is certainly an ambitious task, it is always well received.

The viral video of Dr. Bostrom's handmade presents shows one mom, Lacie Hietalati, receiving her baby blanket at her two-week check-up appointment.  Completely caught by surprise, Lacie was so overwhelmed that the doctor would spend his time making a blanket by hand for her baby!

During Lacie's appointment, Dr. Bostrom told her in the video below, "I have something." Once he pulled out the adorable, hand-embroidered blanket for Lacie's daughter, she couldn't believe it. What other doctor would spend their own free time making these handmade blankets for mothers and their newborns?

This generous gesture certainly goes a long way to establish goodwill with patients, as well as solidify lifelong connections between the family and this doctor.

In addition to doing his job well, Dr. Bostram sure knows how to warm his patients' hearts.

Watch the video for yourself to see the doctor in action. Have you ever received a baby gift like this? Leave your thoughts and stories in the comments and pass this amazing story on to your family and friends.

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