Young Boy Shouts With Joy As He Catches His First Fish “It’s The First Day Of My Whole Life”

Aug 09, 2020 by apost team

Fishing is a beloved pastime for sports enthusiasts around the world. Beautiful scenery, calm waters, and bringing home dinner are all frequently cited reasons for enjoying a day on the lake. The following man had another reason to enjoy a recent fishing trip to Lake Champlain, Quebec on July 12th, 2020, as his young son caught his first fish ever.

Lake Champlain is a glorious fishing destination located in Quebec, Canada. The water sparkles and the weather is pleasant during the fishing season. It is also a popular spot to bring home a prize catch.

One's companions during a fishing trip determine much of the quality of the journey. After all, spending hours in a boat can quickly become filled with fun or frustration. Many enthusiasts of this sport have fishing buddies they call on repeatedly for such trips.

On other trips, fishers prefer to fish in pairs or groups of three. Such smaller events lead to more conversation and bonding time for close family members. A Canadian father recently brought his young son with him on his fishing outing.

For the young, curly-haired toddler, this day was no ordinary fishing trip. It was the first time he had ever gone out in a boat. It was a sunny, warm day and proved to be the right time for such a momentous occasion.

Since he was on a boat, this boy was dressed in appropriate protective gear. For this particular day, he didn't just wear a plain orange life vest. He was decked out in a bright red, blue, and yellow version of the classic safety wear. It even had a patch with a seahorse on it that said, "Lil' Legends."

Although his gear was impressive, this lad was emphatic that he was at the lake to fish. As he reeled the line, he encountered resistance. He then spent some time fighting the fish screaming with joy and saying: "It’s the first day of my whole life!"

As the boy struggled, dad stood ready with a net. It's a good thing dad came prepared. When the fish was reeled out of the water and placed into the eager young boy's hands, it was longer than he was wide!

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