Young Boy Says He Sings Like Johnny Cash And Proves It Instantly As Crowd Jumps To Their Feet

Jun 30, 2020 by apost team

In this video from 2008, a young boy named Little John sings and plays guitar, proving that his voice is eerily similar to Johnny Cash. No one expected the voice he has to come from his tiny body, but the audience was obviously pleasantly surprised.

Many people claim to have a voice that sounds like a certain celebrity, but for one little boy known as Little John, it’s actually true! Little John is in second grade, and during one of his performances, he left the audience speechless with his amazing vocal ability. Before he even began the song, the audience was already enamored with the little boy because of the charm he possesses.

His adorable little button-down blue outfit and guitar that seemed too big for his tiny hands made him an adorable sight. Although he chose a difficult song to perform, he knew he could perform it with grace and skill. No one was ready for the amazing show Little John was about to put on!

Before beginning to sing, he introduced both himself and the tracks he was about to cover. Everyone was shocked when the young boy announced he was about to sing some Johnny Cash songs, but once he started singing it was clear that these songs were made to be sung by this little boy’s type of voice!

It felt so natural and graceful when the boy was singing, and the audience was in awe with his hear talent. You could hear his voice radiating from every inch of the room, and it’s clear that he had been practicing for years even though his skill level far surpassed his age!

His tone was warm and comforting, and his voice had an eerie resemblance to Johnny Cash himself. But just when the audience believes that that’s all he had to offer, Little John pulled out an even bigger trick that he had waiting up his sleeve! Halfway through one of his songs, he decided to switch things up a bit and make the crowd go even crazier for his amazing talent!

People were in awe that such presence on stage and sheer vocal ability could come from someone so young, but Little John was there to prove that even young kids can be superstars!

It’s a moment you have to witness for yourself to fully understand, but thankfully it was recorded and uploaded online for everyone to enjoy! You can watch Little John’s performance in the video below, but be prepared to be blown away by his talent! What do you think about Little John's routine? Let us know in the comments and then pass this story on to any music lovers you know!