Young Boy Poses At Disneyland When They Catch His Navy Dad Sneaking Up On Him Through The Crowd

Disneyland is synonymous with magical experiences and family. Built in 1955 and supervised by Walt Disney himself, the theme park builds rides and experiences on the many iconic and classic Disney films and shows to help give children and adults alike real-life interactions with these classic stories in a fashion that can be shared with the whole family.

In this video from 2018, a young boy's day at Disneyland became even more special after his Navy father—who'd been away for five months—surprised him there. As the boy was having his photo taken, his dad came up behind and surprised him. Thankfully the touching moment was captured on video for all the world to witness.

Sadly, sometimes the whole family can't be at Disneyland with their children or spouses. Active-duty military members are among those who must sometimes miss these family outings. One young boy was at Disneyland with his family, but without his father who had been deployed in the Navy for five months.

The boy was having his picture taken near the middle of the park, with the crowd of other park-goers making way for the boy's family to snap some pictures of the day. As this was happening, a man in a tan Navy uniform made his way through the crowd and directly toward the boy, who didn't see him approaching.

As the man neared the boy he knelt down behind him. Of course, it was the boy's father, there to be with his family and to surprise his son. The boy was very surprised, pleasantly so, and the father gave his son a big hug and kiss, simply saying "Hi" first and then telling his son he was finally home before his son shouted "Daddy" in excitement. It was a wonderful surprise and a great example of the type of unique magic that can be found in Disneyland.

Exclaiming how much he missed his father, the boy was excited and happy to receive this wonderful surprise. The crowds passing by picked up on the moment, applauding the father and son and their reunion. There were even tears from those witnessing the event. What happened after this reunion was not documented, as park attendees and employees alike simply allowed them to have a day together as a family. You can witness it all in the video USA Today shared through their “Militarykind” program.

This kind of story happens at Disneyland regularly, but to have it documented and witnessed by so many onlookers was something special that added a sense of joy to everyone's day. It's exactly the kind of thing you hope to see but never really expect to, making it a happier day not only for the father and son and the rest of their family in attendance but also to a crowd of onlookers lucky enough to witness such a perfect family moment. 

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