Young Boy Kept Sneaking Mom's Sewing Machine & His Creations Are Warming Hearts Worldwide

Sep 15, 2021 by apost team

Campbell Remess is no ordinary child. Back in November 2016, the then-12-year-old boy made headlines with his favorite self-taught hobby of sewing. His mother tried to see if he was interested in anything else and even encouraged him to take a break from his hobby every now and then, but Campbell was set on pursuing his passion. Even if he was told no, he would find a way to do what he wanted.

Campbell is from Tasmania, an island south of Australia’s mainland, and has a true love for the art of sewing. He loves it so much that he has even snuck his mother’s sewing machine away after being told it was time to put it away. Although it was something he had never done before, Campbell decided to try his hand at sewing one day in order to do something nice for other children. He wanted to make teddy bears for children who were sick.

With such a huge family of nine children, Campbell’s parents couldn’t afford to buy more toys for children in the hospitals, so the young boy decided to take it upon himself to make teddy bears by hand. Over the years, he has made hundreds and hundreds of bears, with his skills progressing with each creation. His collection of supplies has grown quite a lot over the years as he continues to make more and more bears.

Since then, Campbell has continued to help people in need feel better with his adorable stuffed teddy bears and has found a way to expand his work to reach as many people as possible, warming hearts all over the world.

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When Campbell was just nine years old, he asked his parents if they could buy Christmas presents for kids in hospitals but was told that they couldn’t afford to do so, according to Mashable. This inspired the young boy to make the toys himself, and he taught himself how to sew handmade teddy bears. Many of his bears have gone to sick children or to charity organizations.

Nowadays, Campbell is a teenager and is still using his love for sewing to help people feel good. In April 2020, he made an effort to spread some joy to those who really needed it as the world began to shut down due to the pandemic. According to 7 News, the 16-year-old began live-streaming workshops of himself creating teddy bears to spread some happiness to those who needed a pick-me-up. 

“Overall, over the last six years, I’ve made around 3,100 bears,” Campbell said. “I’ve done some live-streaming, so I’ve completed one full bear on live-streams, and then I have a couple ready to give away after COVID-19 is done, and I will give them away to the emergency frontline workers that are out there helping everyone.”

Campbell continued, “So hopefully, anyone who joins me on the live-stream and makes a full bear and save them and give them to frontline workers as well.” Even during such difficult times, Campbell has continued to put others first and find new ways to bring a smile to people’s faces. The teenager has gone on to win over the hearts of many people from all over the world with his adorable teddy bear creations and has continued to show that there is always a way to show others you care.

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