Young Boy Adorably Crashes Cousin’s Ballet Recital And Has The Crowd Laughing

Apr 05, 2021 by apost team

One of the highlights of being a parent is watching the little ones perform in a school play. Even better than a perfect play is one where a performance features hilarious bloopers. Many times these moments make the show even better! The kids may not always think so, but most parents are delighted by charming mistakes and cute oopsie moments. And they make for wonderfully embarrassing childhood stories down the line as well. One such occasion is what happened when a little toddler stepped on stage to add his own moves to a dance routine.

Most parents recall with fond smiles a time when their child had a memorably messed up moment onstage. As long as the child isn't harmed or traumatized by the event, it can be fun for everyone. It will make for wonderful stories to share later on in life when they have kids of their own. Hopefully, there will also be photos or, as in this hilarious case, videos to share as well, to lend a great visual aspect to the story. Your child may have a momentary look of horror on their face, but hey, memories are for sharing!

When it comes to this video, our little star will no doubt be quite proud of himself and his performance when he grows up. He definitely marched to the beat of his own drum, much to the delight of the audience. According to Bored Daddy, the performance was supposed to feature the tiny tots in a tap dance set to the song "Do You Love Me?" featured in the movie "Dirty Dancing."

Since they are all so young, the audience was expecting a typical children's performance. They were in for quite a surprise! 

As the video begins, we see five tiny girls and one little boy in the center of the stage. When the music starts playing, they move and wave their arms, so cute and completely out of sync with each other. This would have already made a hilarious childhood memory and performance. But then, the little fella suddenly steps forward. He knows what will make this crowd happy, and he gives it to them, putting everything he's got into it.

Tapping his foot, he displays a remarkable ability to keep time with the music. All of a sudden, he begins to flap his arms and bounce up and down. The giant grin that has spread across his face leaves no doubt that he's having the time of his life moving along to the beat – but there seems to be another song playing for him! As the performance nears its end, one of the little girls bumps into him. He doesn't miss a step; he just keeps on dancing enthusiastically despite the contact. This is one kid that just won't stop boogying.

When the dance ends, the audience applauds and cheers loudly. They have just witnessed a performance to remember, and remember it they will! All of the dancers were adorable, but the young man with the magic moves will have them talking about this show for a very long time. And luckily, we can all enjoy the show as well.

Thankfully, the whole show was caught on video and uploaded to YouTube. To date, it has been viewed over one million times, and it has received 4,900 likes and 274 comments. Commenters on the original video expressed delight at the little boy's energetic moves and sweet smile, although the original has sadly been taken down by now, and current versions do not feature comments. It's enough to make a person want to be a toddler again, even if just long enough to pop onto a stage and dance with abandon to some great music. Just to experience the happiness of a child dancing is such a wonderful thing! This little boy is such a wonderful example of innocent joy and happiness. No matter who is watching or laughing, he just wiggles along and enjoys this moment in the spotlight.

There is a lesson to be learned from this sweet young man and his exuberant performance: although as grown-ups we deal with pressures and responsibilities on a daily basis, there is no reason we can't take some time and just do our own thing, dance our own way, and express our joy in doing so. Granted, you probably don't want to jump up and start break dancing or moonwalking in the middle of an important business meeting at the office, but that doesn't mean you can't find other creative outlets for your spontaneous moments. And while we adults shouldn't go around crashing other people's dance performances, we could all do well to remember that fun should be a part of our lives.

Spread the message and the joy of this video far and wide. It's exactly the kind of thing our world needs more of!

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