You’ll Be Giving Your Sibling A Big Hug After Reading These Five Amazing Sibling Facts

Apr 05, 2018 by apost team

Prepare to be blown away by these five sibling facts. Nope, one of them isn’t that you love to hate and hate to love your siblings. It’s pretty much a given that it all depends on what time of day it is as to whether we speak of our siblings with adoration and admiration or disdain and contempt. But, before you go to wishing you were an only child, and haven’t we all been there, check out five facts that make your siblings invaluable - all day, every day. 

1. Siblings Are Instrumental In Shaping Who You Become

ScienceDaily recently spoke with Laurie Kramer, a University of Illinois professor of applied family studies. Kramer says that siblings are the closest influencers within the various social environments kids face and that they make invaluable contributions to who each other ultimately become. 

No doubt that the greatest influencers in a youth’s life are usually parents or a primary caregiver, but siblings come in a close second overall and can even surpass a parent’s influence within certain areas. Why? Brothers and sisters alike teach their siblings some of the more informal skills that defy the parent-child relationship, such as how to play well with others, share, socially acceptable behavior, the ability to give and take, boundaries, and how to all around fit in with peers.

2. Your Younger Sibling Can Prevent Obesity

Stop laughing. We all know that younger siblings can grate on even a saint’s nerves, but for all the aggravation, they’re actually good for your overall health and well-being. 

A recent study at the University of Michigan, for example, found that older siblings have healthier body max indexes and a lower risk of obesity, especially if the older sibling was aged two to four when their younger sibling was born. 

Researchers theorize that the healthier weights are due to factors like parents changing feeding schedules with multiple mouths to feed. Could this be code for they completely fed the firstborn whatever they wanted until they realized the cost of feeding two kids endless supplies of Baskin Robbins? No matter, you’re thinner for it. 

3. The Younger, The Funnier

Older siblings are already rebelling and writing letters of argument, but research actually shows that the youngest of your family is the funniest. In regard to personality, the stereotypes society places on the order of siblings actually hold pretty true to form according to the study. 

The oldest child usually shoulders the brunt of responsibility growing up and tends to become the responsible, serious one. Meanwhile, the baby relaxes in the shade of older siblings and is able to be the easygoing, carefree, funny one. 

4. Sisters Prevent Unhappiness

Stop calling your sister a brat and pulling her hair out because she might just be your emotional saving grace. 

A BYU study found that having a sister, older or younger, helps to stave off feelings of despair, loneliness, guilt, self-consciousness, and fear. The study’s author told ScienceDaily that parents should encourage sibling affection in younger years to cement that protective factor later in life. 

5. Get Dates Via Your Opposite Sex Sibling

Nope, your big brother is still going to hate on all your dates. It’s just a fact of life your dates will need to get over. However, that doesn’t mean there isn’t an upside. “The Sibling Effect” author Jeffery Kluger points to multiple studies that concluded men with sisters are better at talking to women and women with brothers are better at talking to men. 

The theory? Women with brothers have a lighter seriousness and grimness and are more rugged. Men with sisters are better listeners and more sensitive. Win and win. 

There you have it. Now, go give your brothers and sisters big hugs. Have your own sibling story? Be sure to let us know and show this article to your siblings!