You Won't Believe What Happened At This Irish Wedding

Every couple takes extra care when planning their wedding. Every single detail is planned out. From the cake to the flowers, to the seating, to the venue, everything must be arranged for. Some couples even arrange for special dances.

Can you imagine trying to get 30 of your friends to choreograph, rehearse and perform an intricate dance for your wedding? That was the challenge Rob Wilson faced in the months leading up to his special day.

The couple had planned a traditional Irish wedding, so lots of dancing was a given. In order to impress his guests, Rob had to go above and beyond. He organized and choreographed a group of his friends into an impressive formation, dancing circles around each other. He took the lead on the formation, doing impressive tap patterns with his feet.

When the big day came, Rob and his friends were ready. They got into formation on the dance floor and proceeded to blow the minds of everyone in attendance. The guests howled with joy throughout the entire dance, as the booming sounds of their tap shoes echoed through the Ramada Inn in Belfast. Their feet sounded like a whole drumline, creating a captivating rhythm.

This event was captured on video and uploaded to Youtube, where it went completely viral! At 3 million views and counting, it's clear that people love to see someone go the extra mile to create a great experience for their bride and guests.

People couldn't help but lay praise on the dancers. One Youtube commenter said, "I could very easily fall for a guy who could dance like this. Brilliant!!"

Another added, "Who needs drums when the Irish have feet, friends, and synchronism."

Clearly, this dance number was a hit, and you can't help but wonder if we are going to start seeing more large dance numbers in weddings after the wild success of this video.

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