You Never Would Have Thought Of These 10 Ways To Use Lavender Oil On Your Own

Jun 06, 2018 by apost team

Lavender oil has an alluring scent that can calm your mind and uplift your spirit. You can use it for everything from aromatherapy to keeping your home bug-free to cleaning your kitchen. Find out the best ways to use lavender oil in your home that few people know about. 

1. Banish Stress 

Lavender oil has long been known as a relaxing scent. Keep a bottle of lavender oil on hand to sniff when you feel stress building. You can also dilute lavender oil with a carrier oil and rub onto your hands.

2. Travel Easier 

Lavender oil is excellent for those who suffer from motion sickness. Use it for nausea by diluting with a carrier and rubbing onto neck and shoulders, putting a couple drops on a cotton ball, or adding to a compress and placing on your head.

3. Combat a Cold 

Lavender oil also helps you recover from a cold. Apply a few drops onto your chest, neck and sinus areas to help congestion, or use it in a diffuser or humidifier. Always check with your doctor first if you suffer from allergies or asthma as lavender oil can be harmful in these cases.

4. Keep Nails Beautiful 

Lavender oil can help you strengthen your nails and cuticles and stave off fungal infections thanks to its antibacterial properties. Massage a drop or two into dried cuticles and enjoy stronger and healthier nails.

5. Ease Sore Muscles 

Mixing a few drops of lavender in with a massage oil helps relax muscles. Your aching joints and muscles will naturally let go as the delightful scent melts away stress

6. Eliminate Acne 

Combat acne breakouts with lavender oil. Massage a couple drops onto your skin. Lavender oil helps reduce redness, lessen the chances of scarring and is antibacterial.

7. All-Natural Hair Care 

Lavender oil and your hair should be best friends. Not only will your hair smell wonderful, but lavender oil can help curb dandruff, promote hair growth and prevent hair loss.

8. Freshen Your Linens

Lavender oil helps keep your linins fresh. Make up a bottle of your own lavender linen spray and spritz it on your laundry before putting it away.

9. In the Kitchen 

Lavender oil happens to be edible as well. However, exercise caution when using essential oils in food, and always research before baking. A little goes a long way with using lavender oil in foods, so use only one or two drops.

10. Disinfect and De-Bug 

Add a few drops of lavender oil to floor and counter washes to disinfect your kitchen without harsh smells. To deter moths and other bugs from entering your home, use some lavender oil in a diffuser and enjoy the fresh scent it brings.

Lavender oil has an extensive array of uses for nearly every situation. Do you have a few lavender tricks up your sleeve that you'd like to let your friends in on? Do you know someone new to the world of lavender oil? Then this article is perfect for them!