You Have To See This Mesmerizing Star-Shaped Water Droplet As It Levitates, Spins And Then Flips Out

A savvy team of scientists, from Clemson University in South Carolina, joined forces to levitate a liquid droplet by using different frequencies of sound. You now get a chance to see this pretty cool star-shaped droplet in glorious action.

The scientists were just demonstrating a high-res example of the phenomenal Leidenfrost effect. Leidenfrost is usually done with a piping hot surface, but these scientists tested the liquid droplet with only using sound. They placed it between a transducer that emits sound at different frequencies and a reflector that bounces the sound back. Together, the acoustic field creates a pressure gradient that levitates the liquid droplet with ease.

You can see in the video that they've also managed to manipulate the shape of the liquid droplet. The oscillating droplet even becomes quite erratic at one point. The liquid droplet loses its initial star shape and becomes extremely blob-like until it practically disintegrates in midair. This is due to the fact that the scientists had intensified the ultrasonic waves on its acoustic field.

Overall, this type of Leidenfrost effect was truly amazing and the experiment in the video was actually conducted back in 2013.

Prof. Xiaolei Ma, Justin C. Burton and Juan-Jose Lieter-Santos of Emory University's Department of Physics, also conducted an experiment to see the Leidenfrost droplets in action. They took 12 snapshots from a high-speed video of a star-shaped Leidenfrost droplet while it was oscillating over a hot bowl-shaped surface.

The experiment really showed how self-organized and symmetrical each star-shaped pattern became during its vibrational modes as it was levitating. The professors also found out that the wavelength and frequency of the oscillations were completely independent of the droplet's size.

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