You Can Grow Avocado Trees In Small Pots At Home

May 15, 2020 by apost team

Health-conscious consumers have recently discovered the benefits of including avocados in their diet. Avocados are packed with essential vitamins, provide abundant fiber, and contain the same type of heart-healthy fatty acids found in olive oil. Although they're most often associated with guacamole, avocados can be sliced and diced into salads, stirred into soups, sprinkled into breakfast omelets, and enjoyed raw with a slight dusting of coarse salt.

Perhaps best of all, you can simultaneously save money and satisfy your inner farmer by growing this nutritious and delicious fruit in your indoor home environment. Here's what you need to do:

Sow The Seed
  • Carefully remove the seed from an avocado that you purchased at your local grocery store and give it a gentle cleaning.
  • Place four toothpicks into the seed about halfway down from the top of the avocado and at equal distance from one another.
  • This will keep the seed suspended in a small glass holding about an inch of water.
  • Be sure that the dimpled end of the avocado seed is facing down, place it in a warm location that's away from direct sunlight, and don't forget to change the water frequently.

You should notice roots developing and a stem sprouting at some point after two weeks. Cut the stem back about halfway once when it's reached 6 inches tall to promote lateral growth. Once your fledgling avocado has developed thick roots and several leaves, it's time to plant it!

Plant Your Avocado

  • Your avocado should be planted in a pot that's at least 10 inches in diameter and has a drainage hole at the bottom.
  • Fill the pot with rich potting soil, and place your avocado plant in a small hole in the center of the soil.
  • Cover the roots with soil, but leave one-half of the seed exposed.
  • You'll need to place the pot in a place that receives plenty of bright, natural light to prevent straggly growth.
  • Although avocado trees can be taken to patios and porches during the warm season, they are extremely sensitive to frost and should never be left outdoors after seasonal temperatures begin to drop.

Going forward, water the small plant on a regular basis while taking care not to oversaturate the soil. Yellowing and drooping leaves are signs that the plant is receiving too much water. Dry, brown leaves indicate that the plant isn't being watered enough.

If this condition occurs, place the pot in the sink and slowly run water through it for several minutes.

Harvest Your Crop

If you keep your avocado seedling in a warm, brightly lit part of your home, it will grow into a beautiful tree eventually begin to produce fruit!

Imagine waking up and creating a beautiful breakfast by using avocado fresh from your avocado tree in omelets or scrambled eggs!

Will you be trying to grow your own avocado tree at home? Spread the good news to your friends and family so that everyone can enjoy fresh avocados from their own gorgeous trees!