WWII Veteran Is Lonely Before He Turns 96th, So Daughter Asks Strangers To Send Him Cards For His Birthday

There are too many stories circulating around the internet about the elderly facing their unique struggles all alone and invisible to the rest of us who just don't see them. Thankfully, there are plenty of other stories that show that good people are everywhere. Anyone can take action, and it's the small things that can turn into something huge.

Read on for a great story of how a simple act helped change a WW II veteran's birthday, and his perspective for a long time after that. Looks like he's had a new hobby thrust upon him!

Ninety-six-year-old Duane Sherman is a World War II veteran. He had lived an active life, but as time went on his friends passed away. His wife who had shared his life with him for nearly sixty years had also passed away.

So many things had changed over the years and the world was hard to recognize. He didn't even get any letters like in the old days. Duane began to feel the effects of isolation and loneliness.

His daughter, 65-year-old Sue Morse, watched this and worried. She decided to do something to help her father. All it took was an appeal on social media.


Duane's birthday was coming up so Sue asked on social media if people would mail cards to Duane for his birthday. She was expecting a hundred or so at best. Instead, people from all walks of life made the effort to send Duane a birthday greeting.

The cards started pouring in, and two weeks after his December birthday he had received over 50,000 cards and letters.

Some of the senders were predictable but others weren't: veterans responded, children responded, and even prison inmates responded. They sent cards, letters, flags, and models.

That wasn't enough for some people and Duane received visitors from the U.S.S. Cowpens and the U.S. Navy Sonar School. His days became full again with new friends and a lot of mail to answer. Sue's request over the internet will probably continue generating mail for Duane for the rest of his life!

If you have family members who may be lonely, let them see this video as a way to start a conversation. Find out what they need. You'll have the power of the internet behind you. As we saw in the story of Duane Sherman and his birthday surprise, social media can change lives for the better!