Wrongly-Incarcerated Man Performs George Michael and Elton John Classic

America's Got Talent has been home to plenty of amazing performances over the years. This show also lets viewers at home really get to know the contestants. They take pride in giving a chance to performers who haven't been able to find their niche yet. Sometimes, that's because a performer has an unusual act. Dog trainers and acrobats have been among AGT's many acts. However, in 2019, one of the most memorable performers on the show was singer Archie Williams.

Archie Williams Makes a Big Splash

When Archie Williams walked out onto the AGT stage, it was clear that he was different from most of the other performers. For one thing, he was wearing a formal, three-piece suit. For another, he was older than the average contestant by a decade or two. Simon Cowell started off by asking Archie to share a little bit about himself. What came out was an incredible story of perseverance.


You see, Archie Williams had been wrongfully imprisoned for almost 40 years, as he explains in this video. He was convicted of a crime he didn't commit way back in 1982. It took decades for him to secure his freedom. For all that time, his ambitions had been frustrated. He'd had limited outlets for his talents. However, when he got out, America's Got Talent was one way for him to share his gifts and his remarkable story. Williams performed Elton John's anthem, Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Me, and brought the crowd to their feet. He also got four 'yes' answers from the judges.

Making a Difference

Archie Williams' story is a gut-wrenching one. Because he was poor and disadvantaged, Williams could not get justice as a young man. His performance at America's Got Talent taught everyone something about the way American society works. However, his story also offered hope. Williams never gave up, and he always proudly asserted his innocence.

Eventually, though it took far too long, Williams got his justice, and his shot at stardom. Judge Heidi Klum said what everyone was thinking when she turned to her fellow judges and said, "thirty-seven years" in disbelief. By refusing to knuckle under, Williams showed an incredible spirit to match his soulful voice.

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