Would You Believe That Drinking Toilet Water Is Actually Good For You?

Apr 05, 2018 by apost team

It's a well-known fact that most of us aren't drinking enough water. We just choose to ignore it and pretend everything is fine. Yet since we're made almost entirely out of the water, increasing our water intake can offer innumerable health benefits.


Humans use too much plastic. The amount of water bottles we throw out after a single use is astronomical. We need to drink more water, and we need a sustainable way to meet the demands. How can we do this? Enter toilet water. 

This does not give you an excuse to give someone a swirly and call yourself an environmentalist. Recycling our toilet water could solve our crisis for clean and sustainable water for a growing population. In fact, participants of this study chose the toilet water over tap water in a blind taste test.

Instead of trying to find a new way to bottle our water, scientists are saying we should embrace recycled toilet water since there are no harmful substances that pass through the purification process.

In the study that revealed that toilet water is the preferred drink, 143 participants drank from 3 unlabelled glasses filled with recycled toilet water, bottled water, and tap water. The participants were asked to rate each drink out of five stars and researchers were stunned to discover that tap water rated the poorest.

One interesting thing to note in this study is that participants who had anxious tendencies were more likely to pick up on the subtle taste differences whereas participants who described themselves as openminded had a hard time distinguishing between the 3.

The world is facing a water crisis. Two-thirds of our population face at least one month of water scarcity annually. Half of that figure comes from people living in India and China. California has also been facing recurring droughts and the idea of drinking recycled toilet water has really gained traction in recent years. Don't freak out if you see toilet water hitting the shelves in upcoming years!

Pass these secrets on to your friends and family to find out what they think about this study!