World's Oldest Man Is Japanese Farmer Aged 112 Years And 346 Days

The world's oldest man has been named! Chitetsu Watanabe lives in Japan and is 112 years and 346 days old today, February 14.

Guinness World Records gave Chitetsu a certificate on February 12 confirming his status in a ceremony in his nursing home in Niigata, the city where he was born on March 5th, 1907. He is only days away from his 113th birthday.

Chitetsu spent much of his life farming in Taiwan, where he also married and had children. He later served in the military and then worked in an agricultural office until retirement. The active farmer grew fruits and vegetables in his home garden until the ripe age of 104, then continued on to grow bonsai trees in his nursing home.

When asked what the secret to a long life is, he told Guinness World Records in a video, it was "to smile." In the same video, his wife said that it was cohabitating with his children and grand-children all in the same home that kept him young.

Chitetsu is only four years away from beating the world record for the oldest man ever. Jiroemon Kimura was also from Japan and passed away at 116 years and 54 days in 2013. 

Congratulations on living a long, happy life to Chitetsu Watanabe. What do you think about his secret to a long life? Is smiling and having family around the best medicine?