Workers Who Use Earthmover To Rescue Trapped Baby Elephant Are Saluted By Mother

So, we all know that elephants are absolutely ginormous creatures and can sometimes have a temper, especially when it comes to their young - but, hey, what mammal doesn't? You may have seen videos of elephants charging people while looking absolutely terrifying. But, what you may not realize is that elephants are extremely intelligent and can form strong bonds with humans.

In this 2017 video from Kerala, India, a baby elephant fell into a ditch and was trapped there. As the family of wild elephants watched and waited on the opposite side of the river, locals and forest officials used an earthmover to get the baby out. 

Elephants are found to more than capable than forming special relationships with human beings and are completely capable of empathy and compassion.

What you may or may not know is that elephants form strong social bonds with one another, and deeply mourn losses of their own. They have structured family dynamics that are both complex and emotional. Remember, we said that elephants are super intelligent, and workers who saved a baby elephant trapped in a ditch learned just how intelligent and compassionate elephants can be.

The workers came across the baby elephant stuck in a huge ditch and knew they had to do something, so they used their backhoe attachment to try and move enough dirt into the lowest part of the ditch to raise the young elephant up. While there were several suspenseful moments, the plan worked and the elephant ran back to its herd, where his family comes to greet him with joy and - most probably - relief!

Then, you can see the most amazing thing happen, when the baby elephant's mom, instead of charging the rescuers who are standing nearby, turns and raises her trunk, in what you can only suppose was her gesture of thanks for her baby being saved.

After watching this amazing rescue, you too may now recognize that elephants aren't just huge creatures full of rage, but beings that are compassionate, smart, with complex emotions.

Elephants are a lot like humans - they want to keep their families safe and will react if any member of their family, especially their young calves, is put in danger. Don't you think the entire world should understand how unique elephants are? Tell us your thoughts and pass this along to your friends and family.