Worker Wins $7,170 Payout After Being Given Three Chicken Nuggets For $2.80 In Cafeteria

Sep 14, 2021 by apost team

At some point or another, we’ve probably all experienced the disappointment of ordering a 10-piece container of chicken nuggets, only to find nine inside. It’s a gut-wrenching feeling that no one ever wants to experience, but sadly, it still happens from time to time. For an HR advisor in Scotland, he lost his job after not getting enough chicken nuggets one day at lunch.

Steven Smith was completely taken aback by the lack of chicken nuggets he was given at the cafeteria at his place of work. While all of his co-workers received either four or five nuggets, he was only given three measly nuggets along with a few side dishes. Since this could easily have just been some kind of mistake, he went back in line to ask for more, but was told he would have to pay even more money for them.

Feeling antagonized, Smith grew increasingly frustrated and impatient with the situation and lashed out against the woman who had served him the nuggets. He went so far as to push his meal back toward her before leaving the cafeteria. The cafeteria worker was emotionally hurt by his actions and was even scared by his behavior. After complaining to her employer, an investigation took place, resulting in the HR advisor getting fired in September 2019. 

However, two years later, Smith won a huge payout after it was found that he was wrongfully fired from his place of employment. Read on to find out how Smith won more than $7,000 in a payout from his previous employer.

According to the Lad Bible, Smith won more than $7,000 in a payout after he was fired for complaining about only getting three chicken nuggets for lunch. Smith paid $2.80 for the meal, and was completely taken aback when he received only three nuggets but the rest of his co-workers received four or five. The Lad Bible reported that he felt “shocked” and “disillusioned” at just how small the portion was, alongside his side of fries, beans and cheese.

Hoping to remedy the situation, he asked for more, but felt antagonized when he was told that it would cost an extra $1.40. Completely annoyed, Smith told the cafeteria worker, “If I wanted a Happy Meal I would go to McDonalds.” He then proceeded to push his meal back toward her and left the cafeteria. The cafeteria worker claimed she was “almost afraid to come into work” following the incident. Smith was later fired in September 2019 for gross misconduct and acting “violently,” according to the Lad Bible.

In September 2021, the Lad Bible reported that Smith was awarded $7,170.90 after his previous place of employment found that the situation was not investigated thoroughly, resulting in the man being wrongfully fired. The cafeteria worker had said that Smith assaulted another worker, but the investigation showed that this did not happen. While his sarcastic comment may have been offensive, it technically was neither “abusive nor rude,” according to the tribunal who oversaw Smith’s case. Thankfully it seems like Smith has more than enough money now to buy himself some extra nuggets.

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