Women Who Own Horses Live 15 Years Longer Than Those Who Don't, Says Studies

Owning pets is always enjoyable. Many studies show that the elderly have better mental health when they have a pet. It turns out that owning a horse can also be good for you. 


In a recent study, researchers looked at how owning a horse impacted women's health. They had subjects in northern Virginia, western North Carolina and northern Florida. They tracked these women for decades to see how owning a horse affected their health.

It turns out that horse owners lived for an impressive 15 years longer than women who did not own a horse. 

Horses Are Good For Your Health 


The results were astonishing. The researchers conducted a double-blind study that divided women into different age groups. They looked at a 40-year period to see how horses impacted the women's health. By the end of the study, they found surprising results. Women who owned a horse lived for 15 years longer. This result was true for women of different ages and nationalities. The scientists even looked at data from 50 countries to see if the results were accurate. It turns out that owning a horse is extremely good for your health. 


Some women only own a horse for a few years, so researchers had to set some guidelines about what counted as owning a horse. If a woman owned a horse for at least five years, she was counted as a horse owner. In Spain, women lived 16.5 percent longer if they had a horse. For American women, the difference was around 14.7 percent.

Overall, the study found that the average difference was about 15 years of longevity. 

Why Did This Happen? 


While scientists know that horses are good for your health, they are not sure why this happened. They only know that having a horse is good for you, but they are not sure why. Hopefully, doctors, psychologists and biologists will continue the research to figure out why these results happened. 

There are a few theories about why horses are so good for you.

When you own a horse, you are more likely to be outdoors. You may exercise more with your horse and socialize with fellow horse owners. In research studies, women who owned a horse were less likely to have heart problems, high blood pressure, or diabetes. Any horse owner can also tell you that having a horse is good for your happiness and overall well-being. 


Researchers cannot be certain why the study showed such remarkable effects. Most likely, the cause is a mixture of different factors. Extra exercise, socialization and being outdoors are probably just a few of the reasons why having a horse is good for you.

Whatever the reason, this study is just one more reason why it might be a good idea to invest in a new pet. 

Has owning a horse changed your life for the better? If you love your horse, let us know about it.