Women Perform WWII Classic Simply To Stun Audience As Special Guests Walk On Stage

Aug 09, 2020 by apost team

The D-Day Darlings, UK’s premier wartime singing group dazzled the judges and the audience alike during the finals of ITV’s Britain’s Got Talent in 2018. The nine women did this with their spectacular performance of Vera Lynn’s The White Cliffs of Dover and most definitely with their special guests at the end of the performance.

They Take the Stage

The women were ready to perform dressed in military attire, pinned hair, cherry red lipstick, and victory rolls. They walked onto the stage and formed a ‘V’ symbolic to the formation of planes during World War I. The backdrop boasts of a digital background that glows pink, purple, and orange.

The entire scene looks like one beautiful representation of a different day and age. Then almost coincidentally, the darlings belt out a passionate version of the heartfelt classic. They delivered it with astounding patriotic energy that one judge commented that it would have been a perfect performance for the Royal family.


Who Are the D-Day Darlings?

According to their website, The D-Day Darlings choir is an all-women group that began as a trio back in 2008. It was a brainchild of Katie Ashby inspired by both admiration and respect for the world war period. They started performing in elderly care homes, events, festivals, and during veteran birthday parties before rising to star dome when they joined ITV’s reality show.

During their auditions, they stated that their mission is to keep the wartime spirit alive and pass it into the new generation. They also aim to spread the message of remembrance and love to see the kind of music they perform resonate with people, unlike any other music genre. It is fantastic to learn that all of these women have family members who have been or still are in the Armed Forces. For instance, Clifford Storr, an RAF Flight Navigator in the famous Lancaster Bomber aircraft, is one of their grandfathers.

The Performance

Just like all their other performances during the competition, this one was an emotional one. Their voices are angelic, their smile sweet, and their elegance and subtlety automatically win hearts. It is mind-blowing how well their voices blend, and how soft yet powerfully they deliver their performance. As if they had not won everyone’s hearts already, they slowly transition into their final verse:

“There’ll be bluebirds over The White Cliffs of Dover Tomorrow, just you wait and see...”

A troupe of veterans in military attire complete with medals walks onto the stage. It is such a surreal moment to watch these heroes slowly stream into the scene, most with the help of their walking sticks. The men and women also form a befitting ‘V’ like the one created by the women’s group. It is at this point that it hits home; the whole crowd and judges gave a standing ovation to the singing group, and most definitely, the heroes. The exemplary gesture to have the heroes come to stage truly touched people as it gave the heroes a chance to be appreciated.

The Competition

They hoped to win the competition as a tribute to the men and women who served during the World wars. Although they didn’t walk home with the first prize, they did a fantastic job honoring them and delivering a strong message.

It also opened up more opportunities for them to keep the wartime spirit alive and spread it into a new generation as par their mission. Although these special men and women deserve so much more, it is a great place to start by remembering these people and giving the younger generations a hint of the world war days.

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