Women Left Aghast When She Sees Hooded Man Outside Door Until She Realizes His True Intentions

Even though Christmas is approaching and we're supposed to be caring and festive to one another, there are still people out there willing to commit acts of evil. This was what one woman believed when she saw a stranger on her porch while looking over security camera footage.

Erin Fezell saw a strange young man with his hood pulled up and his face concealed by his baseball cap's bill. Instantly she felt panicked, but something in his hands caught her attention. As he approached she realized he was holding a flag.

As she watched the figure grabbed a chair on her porch and faced it to the camera, and then proceed to gingerly place the folded flag on it before leaving.

When she spoke to Fox 17 News about the incident she explained that the flag was in fact hers. It had been ripped from the pole in her yard by rough winds. Luckily this young stranger decided to act charitably and save the flag from getting tattered by the ground and the elements


This person's act was special not only because of how kind it was, but because he had managed to fold the flag properly. Erin went on to thank the man despite not knowing his identity. She felt honored and applauded him for his action.

She was so thankful for what he had done that she decided to look into who this mystery person was. After an inquiry on Facebook, she quickly discovered who it was: it was the nephew of one of her neighbors.

Many have taken the opportunity to applaud the man for his actions on Facebook. Among them was Barbara Larson who wished there were more like him in this world: that being "a very caring person." This sentiment was shared by many other users.

This young man's kindness gave Erin a renewed appreciation for the younger generation. Many see younger generations as being less caring and patriotic than those that came before. For Erin, it was humbling to see this person "care so much about something as small as a flag."

Watch the video below, and feel free to spread the word to others so that they too can have their hope restored in this newer generation of Americans. Don't forget to tell us what you think in the comments as well!