Woman’s Hair Gets Chomped By King’s Guard Horse After Getting Too Close

May 22, 2023 by apost team

A visit to the royal residences has become a must for tourists who wish to see iconic landmarks often only seen in photos. For some, catching a glimpse of the King's Guard (also called the Queen's Guard when the reigning monarch was still Queen Elizabeth II) should be included in the itinerary. But, of course, some try to see or take photos with them — no matter what it takes. 

Time and again, the King's Guard of the British Army have shown they are not to be messed with. Yet, time and again, the public, particularly tourists, push their luck — with embarrassing consequences.

Aside from the patience and commitment these King's Guards have for these jobs, their loyal companions, the horses, seemed to have the shortest of tempers and the strangest of appetites. 

In some hilarious yet dangerous encounters, tourists and bystanders who want to take a photo with the guard and their horses get mistaken by the stallions as a piece of their lunch as they were filmed to have attacked someone who stands so close to them. 

A video trended online where a tourist gets dragged from the hair by one of the King's Guard horses as she was trying to take a photo with the animal. 

On many occasions, people have been divided on how to react to these kinds of encounters, as some said that these are just people (and animals) trying to do their jobs in peace and quiet, while others believe that they should exercise compassion while the animals should be tamed effectively. Keep on reading to know more about the incidents. 

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Weeks before King Charles III's coronation ceremony, thousands of tourists flocked to the United Kingdom to witness the unfolding of a new era of the British Monarchy. Many visited the famous Buckingham Palace to bask in the rich history of the famous landmark. 

In seeing the majestic palace, tourists wanted to get photos from as many attractions as possible. One of these is the King's Guards and its horses. 

On Apr. 27, 2023, a female tourist got five seconds of fame when a video of her near the King's Guard went viral online. However, it was quite an unflattering video as her hair; specifically her long ponytail, was bitten by the guard's horse. 

The woman stood close to the horse's mouth, and to her surprise, the mammal chomped her hair and swung it around. 

Everyone around gasped in shock, resulting in the female tourist keeping her distance. In the palace's defense, there was actually a sign warning tourists of a possible incident like that. 

"Beware. Horses may kick or bite. Thank you," the sign read. 

Days after, The Mirror reported that the same horse had another casualty, but this time it targeted the tourist's shoulder. 

Recalling the incident to the outlet, they said she had done nothing to provoke it:

"It did hurt quite a bit as they have big teeth and I was left with a big bruise. But it's not the horses fault, they are working at the end of the day and it is one of those things. If you get too close, you can pay the price."

Given the recurring incident, the woman issued a warning to future tourists who would want a picture with the horse:

"I would say to people who are coming for the coronation to be careful and keep your distance." 


Who do you think should be blamed for the incident? Was it the tourists' fault or the animals and the King's guards? Let us know, and pass this on to your family, friends, and other Royal family fans to know their take. 

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