Woman With Low Self-Worth Can’t Hold Back Tears Following Extraordinary Makeover Reveal

Jan 10, 2021 by apost team

Tired of feeling dragged down by her heavy, long hair, Tori from Iowa decided to pay a visit to The Makeover Guy last September to free herself of the weight and get a hairstyle that better reflected her as an artist. Read on to see how The Makeover Guy’s magic worked on Tori!

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When You Look Good, You Feel Good

How we feel about our physical appearance can greatly influence the way we feel about ourselves on the inside. Research has shown that being satisfied with how you look can positively impact your self-esteem and make you feel more confident in the way you carry yourself. Basically, when you look good, you feel good! That is why many women travel to Minneapolis to meet with Christopher Hopkins, The Makeover Guy. He does what he does best, and that is to help women to reach their fullest inner potential by revamping their outer selves.

On A Mission To Free Her Inner Artist

Tori, 50, from Iowa, has naturally tight curls for her hair. She says that she is tired of them weighing her down and not giving her the freedom of movement. Tori recently turned 50, and she has decided that this is the time to finally free herself of the baggage. Tori explains that she has an inner artist that she has not had the courage to let out. The artist in her desires more freedom, to be able to take her art into the world, and to be open to criticism from other people. What is stopping her is the safety she feels in just staying small.


“It’s just… the safer option is just to stay small,” she laments in the pre-makeover interview. But Tori says she is done with staying small, like many women who go through life keeping to themselves, afraid of taking up space. She is ready for the ultimate change. “And I think too many women stay small, a small version of themselves. And I am ready to walk through life and say ‘I really do not care what other people say.’”

She is not just prepared for what’s to come, there is also a sense of conviction about what Tori is saying, even as she fights back tears. “It is what I want and what I feel. What I feel moved to do."

Tori has her eyes closed as she sits back down on the interview chair. She has not seen herself all day and this would be her first reveal to herself. But we see her, and it is like seeing a new person. More than half of her dark blonde locks are gone, and they have been given some snappy highlights that really make her glow. Her new haircut is really flattering to Tori’s naturally oblong face shape.

She simply looks stunning! As she opens her eyes, all she manages is a string of “whoa" and “oh my" — she could not believe what she was seeing! Tori says that the first thing she notices was not even her hair, her makeup, or the new top, but her eyes.  “My eyes… like that is what I noticed,” she says to the camera.

In the other room, her family is waiting anxiously to see what Hopkins has done to transform Tori. As three women from her family walk in, they scream in excitement. One of them even takes a few steps back to the door—she was in shock at how beautiful Tori looked!

“It is freaking awesome,” one of them says. “It is! I am just not used to seeing you with makeup on. You should have come a long time ago.” The women are so happy for Tori that they are moved to tears. It must feel amazing to not only have an incredible new look but to have your loved ones right there with you to give you the support and celebrate with you.

Christopher Hopkins Is A Makeover King

Tori told Hopkins that what she wanted is just to have freedom, and as always, he delivered. And now with her new hairdo, Tori is leaving his studio with a bounce in her step, likely with no worries whatsoever about her old self.

To date, Tori’s makeover video has amassed more than 1.1 million views, with many viewers expressing praise for Hopkins and congratulating Tori for her newfound freedom. “Beautiful. Reminds me of Jane Fonda in her younger days,” one comment read. Another person wrote: “Amazing. No more crying, she’s laughing now. All women need this." Self-confidence is beautiful. Other people agreed that Hopkins did the right thing of not straightening her natural curls, as many other stylists would have done.

On his LinkedIn profile, Hopkins describes himself as an “entrepreneur, entertainer, cyber-star, author, and appearance aficionado.” According to his Wikipedia page, Hopkins' salon was originally located in the Hubbard Broadcasting building in St. Paul, Minn. Four years later in 1994, he relocated it to his hometown in Minneapolis and renamed his salon from "Christopher Hopkins Image Center" (CHIC for short) to "Christopher Hopkins Salon."

Hopkins has helped boost the confidence of countless clients over the years with his expertise. His client sample is no stranger to notables. His author biography on audible.com notes that he was worked with famous people like Hillary Clinton, Al Gore, Lauren Holly, Robert Wagner, and Stephanie Powers.

It would seem like the beauty industry is truly Christopher’s calling. Christopher’s mother, Joann Hopkins, who is sometimes seen in his videos serving as a fashion adviser to the clients, says that her son showed interest in playing dress-up and was aware of his appearance from a very young age. “At 18 months he talks quite a bit, most everything he tries to say is quite clear. He likes to play with shoes. Loves animals. A big tease. Likes to play with girls, dress-up, and dolls. Loves to play records, the music of all kinds. Likes his hair cut and combed just so,” Joann Hopkins says on Christopher Hopkins' about page on his website. And now, Christopher Hopkins is living the dream — improving peoples' lives while doing what he does best.  

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