Woman With Down's Syndrome Still Missing, Family Begs Public To Help Find Her

Sarah Galloway went missing in March of this year in the Tuscon, Arizona area. Her mother and family have been searching for the 38-year-old who has Down's Syndrome. 

According to the Pima County (Arizona) Sheriff’s Department, they are still actively investigating Sarah's disappearance. Spokesman, Deputy Daniel Jelineo said as cited by People,

“She’s a vulnerable adult and we’re doing everything we can to locate her, we’re looking to the public to supply any tips they have.”


Sarah's mother, Sherry Galloway told People, that Sarah is "super-friendly,” adding that,

"No one is a stranger to her. But she needs supervision to care for herself. She cannot operate a cell phone.”

Galloway added that her daughter enjoys coloring and role-playing TV characters, she also likes helping around the house. Sherry tearfully told KGUN9 News,

"I don't know what happened to her." 

Tad and Kandance Jaconski who are Sarah's brother-in-law and sister told ABC 15 News

"I've never seen her walk off by herself or even talk back or bad to anybody or argue with her mom in any bad way... and very kind but always accept anything from anybody, so that's what worries me," they said.

However, the couple contended that will not stop looking for Sarah.

# "She's gone and we can't find her and we're still looking, we're not going to give up and we're begging people to bring her home."

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