Woman With Down Syndrome Overcomes Bullying To Become Face Of Skin Care Line

Oct 17, 2020 by apost team

Grace Strobel grew up in St. Louis, Missouri, where she was an average teenager. But 24-year-old Grace was born with Down syndrome, and while she was supported and loved by her family, she was bullied by others who did not understand her condition. As of this year, Grace is the first American model with Down syndrome representing a skincare line.

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Down syndrome is one of the most common disabilities within the United States; however, the media typically lacks the proper portrayal of this condition. Individuals such as Grace are rarely represented in the entertainment industry, and because of this, disabilities are seen as abnormal within modern society.


Human nature causes us to fear or hate what we do not understand, and as children, such thoughts can have a lasting effect. It is important that during our youth, we are informed about disabilities and individuals who are different than the typical person. Being informed can reduce the rate of such incidents such as the one that provoked Grace's mother, Linda, to finally take action.

After the bullying incident, Linda Strobel decided to step in and help her daughter fight against the endless bouts of bullying, as NBC news reports. They created The Grace Effect, a series of presentations in which disabilities are talked about. These presentations were designed to raise awareness not only for Grace's disability but for others as well. Grace decided to use her experience as fuel for her to finally speak out for all those with her condition.

While browsing the internet one day, Grace stumbled across a model named Ellie Goldstein who immediately caught her attention. Ellie was diagnosed with Down syndrome, just like her, but had achieved great success in the fashion world, even going as far as to model for Gucci cosmetics. When she asked her mother if she had what it took to become a model, Linda was enthusiastic about the idea.

Grace later began a new career, starting with her first photoshoot in 2018. Her photos did not take long to go viral, and she now models with three agencies. Grace can also be seen in a few magazines and has even made a special appearance on The Today Show, reports Forbes.

Some of Grace's more notable work includes being featured by Lady Gaga's Born This Way cosmetics and her participation in a campaign for Alivia. This brand especially has been known to support artists with disabilities in the past, making it the perfect platform for Grace's career. Linda claims that she is extremely proud of her daughter who is now representing a brand that respects and acknowledges disabled bodies.

Most recently, Grace took part in Obagi's "skinclusion" campaign, making her the first American model with Down syndrome who represents a skincare line, according to Penn Live. 

Grace hopes that her success will inspire others to do the same and wishes to see more disabled bodies within the media industry. She aims to reach high-fashion names such as Versace and Chanel one day.

Hiding from all the bullying and negativity through her childhood would have been very easy, yet Grace chose to face all of it head-on. Her experiences only made her stronger and more determined to raise awareness for individuals like her. She hopes that her journey has inspired children who are going through similar circumstances.

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