Woman Who Worked For 30 Years As Housemaid Becomes Emotional After Meeting Pilot Son On Aircraft

Nov 03, 2023 by apost team

Motherhood and parenting as a whole are diverse across cultures, but one thing millions of parents will readily agree to is the dream of seeing their children attain success in their career endeavors. For many, this can be termed the reward of parenthood. For an Ethiopian woman traveling to her home country, the reward of her labor of love and her heart-melting reaction was captured when she unexpectedly saw her son in his pilot uniform on the plane she was scheduled to fly in. 

Social media users were deeply moved by the video shared to TikTok among other platforms when the mom sweetly embraced her son. The clip shared by TikToker Brook Shaka Zulu on October 20, 2023, displayed how the woman reveled in happiness after working as a housekeeper in Lebanon for 30 years. 

The clip opens with the mom walking through a hallway as she is guided by some hostesses. She looked simple in a purple jacket thrown over a black T-shirt and jean trousers, but unbeknownst to her, the simple moment was about to turn into one of the most fulfilling moments. She walked into the plane, where an attendant checked her credentials, and before she could proceed further, a small curtain opened to reveal a tall young man in his pilot uniform with a cake in front of him and a bouquet in his hands. 

Realizing it was her son, the woman burst into tears while he wrapped her in a sweet embrace. She did not hold back on the rush of emotions as she kissed her son on the cheek and continued to hold him in a tight hug. He then presented her with the flowers as she was ushered in to stand pose with the cake. 

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The proud mom was speechless, but she did not fail to express profound gratitude for the surprise as she placed her palms together and slightly curtsied. Till the end of the clip, the mom continued to revel in the joys of motherhood. The aura of the clip was even more profound as Tupac's 1995 hit track "Dear Mama" played in the background. The words in bold written across the clip explained the woman's situation and how she struggled to raise her son. It read:

"Heartwarming moment when an Ethiopian mother who spent three decades working in Lebanon to provide for her family discovers that her son was the pilot in common on #EthiopianAirlines on her way back home to Ethiopia."  

Many TikTok users could not help but be moved by how much emotion passed through the mother-son duo. One person wrote," He's going to fly that plane like he has the world in is hand…🥹. My heart… I miss my mother so much." Another shared, "There's nothing as beautiful as the love between a mother and her child 😭." One user reflected, "No greater tribute a child can give to their mother than to excel and make good on her sacrifices." Someone echoed a similar sentiment, writing, "Confirmation she made her sacrifices and he's the product of them." 

On Reddit, internet users had a field day viewing the positive clip. One Redditor penned, "The most wholesome video I've seen this week! I can imagine what a proud mum she is, to see the outcome of all her sacrifices in her son." Another person used the clip as a teaching moment as they wrote, "My mom passed earlier this year. What I wouldn't give to have one more moment like this with her. Cherish and honour your parents, people!"


Isn't it satisfying to see how the woman's labor of love paid off in one of the most wholesome ways? Do you recall ever receiving a pleasant surprise that moved you to tears? Let us know, and be sure to pass this on to others. 

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