Woman Who Was Only Given 3 Days To Live At Birth Defies All Odds And Graduates From College With Honors

A young woman is proving that anyone can overcome life’s toughest obstacles. Nekhidia Harris was born with many startling disabilities, including brittle bones, and has undergone many surgeries. However, that hasn't stopped her from accomplishing her dreams. 

According to ABC 7 News New York, when Nekhidia was born her prognosis was dire: doctors told her parents that their sweet child would only live three days. Despite her condition, countless visits to the hospital, and multiple surgeries, Nekhidia persevered throughout her young life. Standing just taller than a toddler, Nekhidia recently walked across the stage and graduated with honors from Medgar Evers College at 24 years old.


Nekhidia’s mom, Dasline Harris, told reporters with ABC 7 News New York that her daughter has a very strong spirit. Praising her positive attitude, Dasline says that Nekhidia, or “Nikki” as she prefers to be called, lights up the room and that no matter what darkness is in that room. Nekhidia has also used her indomitable spirit to inspire others. Nekhidia is one of the co-founders of the Harris Family Vision Foundation, a Brooklyn-based nonprofit organization that helps the poor and children from struggling families. 

In an interview with the New York Post, Nekhidia told of how she exults in helping people, especially children. Elaborating, Nekhidia says that she is able to form a special connection with kids that makes her want to help them all the more. 

When the day of Nekhidia’s commencement came, the young woman strode across the stage at the Barclays Center to the cheers of her fellow graduates. Looking back on the ceremony, Nekhidia remembers feeling dazzled at finally achieving her greatest ambition after so much adversity. The new college graduate will begin studies towards a master’s degree at York College this fall.

What do you think of the way Nekhidia has beaten the odds to become a college graduate? Have you ever overcome extreme adversity in your life?