Woman Who Lost Her Memory Cries Every Time She's Reminded Her Husband Divorced Her

Feb 11, 2019 by apost team

Short-term memory loss is an uncommon yet tragic condition.

The causes can vary from chronic alcohol abuse to developmental issues and is, unfortunately, more often than not uncurable.

Veronika married her husband several years ago and had a happy, healthy relationship. Unfortunately, she developed a rare condition known as porphyria. Her symptoms are acute or more severe than many others with porphyria develop, and she required around-the-clock care.

The condition affects approximately one in every 10,000 people, and it may be caused by head injuries, chronic health issues, drug or alcohol abuse, and several other conditions.

When Veronika developed severe symptoms, it may have been more than her husband could bear. Perhaps he did not have it in him to emotional deal with the situation. As a result, he divorced her last year.


Due to Veronica's condition, she forgets this sad fact every day. 

She eagerly waits for him to return from work and be with her. As the day wears on, her mother must eventually tell her that he is not coming home. He has left her. This is fresh news to Veronika, who breaks down in tears each day when she learns once again of her divorce.

Veronika underwent an operation previously with the home that her symptoms would improve, but the operation was not successful. Furthermore, there is no cure for this condition. Both Veronika and her mother must endure this tragic situation each day indefinitely.

At this time, there is no hope that Veronika’s memory will return, but she will benefit from physiotherapy sessions soon that may help her to walk and regain mobility.

Many people could relate to her story because of the prevalence of other conditions causing memory loss, such as dementia or Alzheimer’s disease.

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