Woman Who Cruelly Left Her Dog With Giant 46-Pound Tumor Is Sentenced To Probation

No animal should be abandoned to deal with a chronic illness on their own. Yet, this is what happened to a dog in California.

Henry is an 8-year-old Golden Retriever that was abandoned at Newport Beach in Southern California. When the rescuers found Henry, they sadly realized that the dog had a 42-pound tumor growing on his underside. The tumor was growing so big that the poor dog was having problems even walking.


Thankfully, help was on the way. Animal Control Supervisor Valerie Schomberg worked hard to secure a $500 grant to pay for Henry's surgery. Dr. Karla Nichols confirmed to CBS that the tumor was making it challenging for Henry to walk because his right front leg could not support the weight of the tumor.

Henry had the surgery to remove the tumor only five days after he was found abandoned. As for his former owner, she was sentenced to three years probation according to the LA Times, as well as forced to pay a fine and complete community service hours. She pleaded guilty to failing to care for an animal and animal abandonment. Sadly, even after his surgery, poor dear Henry later passed away from a variety of medical issues.

The animal control officers want to remind pet owners that it is illegal to abandon your pets. It is especially heartbreaking when pets are left on their own when they are suffering from an illness or disease.

You will fall in love with Henry when you check out this video clip. After you have watched this story, be sure to spread the video to all of the animal lovers that you know.