Woman Waves To Bear From Her Ride, Bear Counters In Humorous Manner

Sep 15, 2020 by apost team

Chances are if you were just a short distance from a large bear you’d be a little terrified. The sheer size of these animals is enough to make anyone a little wary of them! We’ve been warned since childhood about bear attacks in the woods, and we were taught methods in order to survive in case we ever get approached by one.

But that fear wasn’t the case for a lady when she witnessed one particular friendly brown bear at the Olympic Game Farm in Washington state in 2010. Thankfully for us, the moment was captured on video!

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This brown bear, weighing around 300 pounds, seems to have a huge optimistic personality! The bear resides at Olympic Game Farm in the state of Washington. Since he sees visitors and onlookers often, you might expect him to be used to people and not care that they are around. But one woman brought out his friendly side with one simple gesture. Although he is one of the hundreds of large animals on the Olympic Game Farm, he seems to be one of the happiest after seeing this video!


Olympic Game Farm offers visitors up-close and personal views of wildlife in order to increase education about animals that we don’t get to see or hear about very often. Set in the beautiful scenery in gorgeous Washington, visitors drive through exhibits and are able to witness animals in their natural environments, the most impressive way to see these animals.

This bear is one of the best examples of a great interaction with the wildlife you can have at these types of farms.

When we think of large majestic animals like this beautiful brown bear, we don’t often think they will be friendly and have a positive reaction to us as humans.

Although the video is only seven seconds long, it’s sure to make you laugh!

The bear’s reaction to this woman’s wave is something you won’t ever forget. Have you ever had an amazing interaction with an unusual animal? Let us know in the comments, then be sure to pass this story on to the animal lovers in your life!

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