Woman Waves At Bear Not Expecting Him To Respond

Dec 08, 2019

Every animal on the planet is special, and some of them possess an almost humanlike spirit. Take, for example, this impressive 300 lb. bear at the Olympic Game Farm in Washington. This is up close and personal and so amazing to watch.

The farm is a popular place for folks to drive through and observe beautiful wildlife in their natural habitats with the freedom to roam about and behave as real animals do. There are more than 200 animals on-site and so much to see. From lovely llamas to big, bold buffalo, the bucolic setting of Sequim, WA offers a most memorable experience.

One couple received the surprise of their lives while embarking on an Olympic Game Farm drive-through tour and meeting up with a handsome, huge brown bear. The female passenger had the car window down and yelled out to the massive 300-lb. "Teddy" in a gentle voice of "Bye." She waved her right hand to her furry friend, and it was all caught on tape.

The video is brief but a must-see moment, and if you look at it several times, you will enjoy the intelligence of this large furry mammal, the human-to-animal connection and the joy that wildlife can bring to human beings while observing them in their natural habitats.


Every time we turn on the news, the stories seem to be ugly, violent and terribly sad. That is why, when you see videos of things that are funny, moving and out in nature, these little snippets of life can make your day. Passing these wonderful stories along can make you a better person. We think this is a great, feel-good video to witness for all ages. What do you think?

You can watch the fun video below:

Show this video to the ones you love to make their day! Wildlife is so often misunderstood, but these majestic animals deserve their place to be in this world. This video is proof of respecting all the planet's creatures.