Woman Was Told She May Never Have Kids - When She Is Finally Pregnant, Her Sonogram Surprised Her Doctor

Jan 24, 2024 by apost team

When couples get married, most of the time, they playn to have children in their futute. So they try to conceive babies for them to have little bundles of joy that they will raise and take care of until they’re adults.

Unfortunately, there are some people who have problems conceiving children for a myriad of different reasons. Quite often these are health-related.

In an emotional, yet exciting, turn of events, one woman who was told by doctors that she might not have kids was surprised when she found out that she was pregnant despite all odds.

In an interview with 7News in December 2023, a woman named Taylah Tudehope-Glachan revealed that she was diagnosed with endometriosis and polycystic ovary syndrome or PCOS and doctors had previously told her that having children would be as good as impossible.

For a few years prior, she and her husband had been through a lot of devastation as they had unsuccessfully attempted to conceive a child. That's why they tried out IVF.

Her eggs were extracted and mixed with her husband’s sperm. Little did they know that there would be bigger news coming their way because that year, she found out that she was expecting quadruplets.

“The sonographer waved the wand on my belly two or three times and started counting the babies out loud,” she recalled when she found out that she was pregnant and the IVF procedure was a success.

Doctors were confused as to how it was possible as only one embryo had been implanted, but their best guess was that she had a “dual pregnancy.”

“They think I was five days pregnant (naturally) when they implanted the embryo… And then the embryos split,” she explained.

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She continued sharing her story with the world through social media as she posted in August 2023 the sonogram of her babies.

“Seeing the babies yesterday gave me so much piece of mind and reminded me that’s ‘yes there is definitely 4 bubbas in there’!!! All babies are growing well and we couldn’t ask for more,” she wrote in the caption.

After celebrating the great news that they received, she and her husband immediately planned their next step as their family would be composed of six members after she gave birth.

Since they lived in a small, two-bedroom home, her husband went on to renovate their house. They also upgraded their car for the four children to fit.

Fortunately, there were a lot of people who donated to the couple as they share their story with the world.

Although they were excited for the babies to arrive, the woman revealed that she had a hard time because the pregnancy “took a toll” on her body, her back, and even mentally as she had to stay in the hospital for seven weeks before giving birth due to health worries.

All of the effort paid off as the mom welcomed three boys and one girl named Archie, Billy, Charlie, and Daisy respectively. All of them arrived via a planned C-section.

All kids were born just a minute apart from each other except for Billy and Charlie who were born just seconds after one another.

“Nothing better than 4 early Christmas presents who came into the world on Thursday the 7th of December,” the father wrote on their family Instagram account.


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