Woman Utilizes Five 20-Foot Shipping Containers To Construct Extraordinary Off-The-Grid Home

Aug 02, 2021 by apost team

Over the last few years, the tiny-house movement has gained a lot of traction. The rising cost of buying a house combined with the volatility of the housing market has made people question whether investing in a house over the long term is worth it. It sometimes takes decades to pay off a house, and most people become tethered to the place they buy the house. A long-term investment works for people who want a stable life that is rooted in one place, but this isn't a lifestyle for everyone. 

Most often, the cost of a house is the factor that pushes them towards the tiny-house movement. There are strict regulations that allow only some people to buy houses, so people who are not well off or do not have a steady and reliable source of income have a hard time getting clearance. Therefore, people have been turning to tiny houses to give them the freedom to create their own houses for a fraction of the price. 

Moreover, a tiny home also gives freedom in other ways, such as going entirely off the grid and living an incredibly self-sufficient life. For Rosie from New Zealand, her home is made entirely from shipping containers that are arranged beautifully and feature breathtaking views that allow a fantastic lookout for both a sunrise and a sunset. The home is also fully eco-friendly and is named "Ahurewa," which means "sacred place." Rosie has made it a point to treat the land that the home is situated upon as a sacred area, and continues to take care of it. 

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In the video below, a tour through the gorgeous house shows that Rosie set her tiny home up in a very smart manner. Not only is the home completely off the grid, it is fully run on solar power, collects rainwater and also has a vermicomposting toilet. All of these features mean that she will never need to pay another power or water bill again, and the home is truly self-sufficient.

The most wonderful thing about this home is its location in the middle of a spectacular conservation block which has been given a sanctuary status according to Home Hacks. Rosie also has a small garden where she allows plants that naturally grow in the area to flourish, and she has also planted edible and medicinal plants for her own use. 

Once a person enters the home, they are welcomed into a gorgeous area with a fully stocked kitchen and rooms that have a gorgeous view of the land thanks to their large windows. The home also features a patio, bedrooms and a bathroom that is already equipped to fit a shower chair and grab handles that also function as a towel rack.

The most significant part of the home, however, is Rosie's library. In the video tour, the spacious library looks like every bookworm's dream, and with titles ranging from fiction to non-fiction. The library also contains a cozy reading nook and chair, which beckons readers to take their place and delve into everything the library has to offer. 

Needless to say, Rosie has turned an ordinary space into an extraordinary living space! Check out the video tour of the home in the video below to know more. 


What did you think of this beautiful tiny home? Could you see yourself living in a small home like this? Tell us your thoughts, and be sure to ask others what they think as well. 

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